11 Holiday Gifts for Her


It’s day two of TIA’s 2023 Holiday Gifts Guides and today is Holiday Gifts for Her. Gifts on this list could be for your spouse, mother, daughter, aunt, cousins, nieces, and any woman in your life that you’d like to gift this holiday season.

2023 Holiday Gifts for Her

Gifts start as low as $9.99 and cover a variety appropriate for all ages.

Folkulture “Folkessence” Essential Oil Advent Calendar

This advent calendar is a great gift for her because it offers a wide variety of scents. The only thing that would make it better would be a new essential oil diffuser for her to open up the day before getting her advent calendar.

  • My Review: Because this is a new item for this holiday season there aren’t reviews on this particular advent calendar. However, Folkulture is a well-known brand that makes high-quality essential oils for a fair price. We like them so much we have included Folkulture products in previous gift guides.
  • Where to Buy: $48.99 on Amazon.


RYOBI ONE+ 18V 6-Tool Combo Kit

Guys aren’t the only ones who like to play with power tools. In fact, women are dominating the craft/hobby, DIY, and refinishing niche. If you know a crafty girl who is ready to take her skills to the next level then help her out with this awesome 6-piece tool set from RYOBI.

  • Home Depot Review: “I’ve Started my own business and moneys tight so i decided to give Ryobi a shot. Best Power tool purchase of my life so far. i love that there compact its a HUGE PLUS for working under cars. I’ve gone through 3 or 4 blades on the saw zaw and it did cut through 2.5in exhaust just fine, almost as good as the Milwaukee which was a little quicker, but at double the weight, i think i prefer the Ryobi with that being said its just so slick. grinder worked perfect cutting up the inside of my box to fit the 3rd printer.”
  • Where to Buy: $199 at The Home Depot (normally $299)
  • Honorable Mention: RYOBI also has a Buy One Get One Free Tool promotion until the end of November.


Bushnell Wingman GPS Golf Speaker Bundle

Why do golf gifts always show up on the “Gifts for Him” lists? Not here! She’ll love this and think of you every time she’s out there golfing. Connects via Bluetooth, provides music, audible distances, score tracking, 3D flyovers & more for 36,000+ courses.

  • Amazon Review: “Overall, this is a phenomenal Speaker and Range-Finder for a mediocre fast-past golfer.

I am a Bogey golfer and love to play and keep track of my scores, the app is great and helps me better keep track of my rounds and how I play each hole. It compiles my states from all of the rounds I enter and gives me all kinds of data about my performance like my par percentage when my tee shots lands in the fairway vs. when I’m in the left or right rough. It also tracks my 2-putts and where my scores tend to fall when I 1, 2 or 3 putt.

The range finder gives me accurate distances to the center of the green (+/- 5 yards) which is tight enough for my golf skills and it is fast so I can press the range button and it gives me my range as I’m picking my club which helps increase the speed of play. I still use my handheld range finder for shots onto the green so I know my distance to the flag and to cover the front edge of the green.”


Blissy Silk Pillowcase – 100% Pure Mulberry Silk

A luxurious way to say “I hope this helps you sleep better.” Available in six colors and comes in beautiful packaging.

  • Amazon Review: “I love love love my Blissy!!! It stays cool at night, feels wonderful on my skin, and keeps my hair smooth. I do wash it by hand and hang it to dry, so I bought another to use while one is drying. I will never use another type of pillowcase. I’m buying them for relatives for Christmas!!! My daughters will love them!!!”
  • Where to Buy: $58.89 on Amazon.


Plegium Smart Pepper Spray With Siren, Strobe Light, and Free Automatic Location Texts

Nothing says “I love you” like pepper spray. Keep her safe. This is the ultimate personal safety device. Plegium has a few different devices, but this one offers the most features: pepper spray, red & UV dyes to mark the offender, GPS text messages to the emergency contacts you choose, a phone call to you when you engage the device – if you don’t answer they will send help to your location, 130 dB siren, LED light, and optional Pro Monitoring.

  • Amazon Review: “I searched a lot of different retailers’ websites for the best pepper spray for my daughter. This is the only one I found that combines pepper spray, a personal alarm, a strobe light and call/text function with GPS.”
  • Where to Buy: $42.00 on Amazon


Live Fine Towel Warmer with LED Display

How nice would this be? She will be able to wrap herself up in a warm towel when she gets out of the shower or bath. She will think of you with pure appreciation for your thoughtfulness every time. This is one of the items on the list that all of us at TIA want. Especially as we go into another cold Midwest winter.

  • Amazon Review: “I bought this for my two sisters last Christmas, I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to get one myself. My towels come out so toasty when I get out of the shower. I love this.”
  • Where to Buy: $42.00 on Amazon


Bathtub Caddy Tray – Extendable Bath Tray for Bathtub with Candle, Wine Glass, Book, iPad & Phone Holder

This bathtub tray set has it all. And if you’re looking for a simpler bathtub caddy, be sure to check out our Honorable Mention below. Pair this with the towel warmer above and she may never come out of the bathroom.

  • Where to Buy: $49.99 on Amazon ($59.99 regular price).
  • Honorable Mention: Swivel Bath Tray for $50.00 at Uncommon Goods. I love this one for its simple design. And it is the only swivel bath tray I’ve ever found that mounts (with the help of a suction cup) to the side of the bathtub.


Belt Bag Fashionable Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bags are all the rage and for good reason. They are the perfect size for her phone, money, and a few other items she wants to keep close to her and easy to get to. We love this one for the price. You could give her this with some smaller gifts inside to make it extra special. And you have almost 20 colors to choose from, so chances are you’ll even be able to pick her favorite color.

  • Amazon Review: “I really liked this bag. I used is as a crossbody-type bag on vacation because I didn’t need to carry much. It fits a decent amount of stuff. I was able to put my wallet, AirPods, portable charger, and a small hand sanitizer in there. It did rub my arm a little the way I wore but that was easily adjustable.”
  • Where to Buy: $9.99 from Amazon.


MagicPro Portable Garment Steamer

This portable garment steamer heats up in just 25 seconds and helps get wrinkles out of clothes and fabrics quickly for a fresh, crease-free look. This steamer will de-wrinkle and sanitize not only your clothes, but curtains and drapery, tablecloths, bedding, upholstery, toys, and much more.

  • Amazon Review: “Works great. Not heavy. I used it to steam out bed bugs worked great. Only downside is I had to fill up a lot but for clothes usage it’s perfect. I gifted it to bc that person used it and fell in love.”
  • Where to Buy: $26.99 from Amazon.


USB Heated Eye Mask

Fun Fact: I have an eye condition that requires me to do regular hot compresses. Thanks to that diagnosis though I discovered this heated eye mask. It has three heat settings and can be set to heat for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minute intervals. Not only does it help keep my eyes healthy, but it’s great for when you have a headache, your sinuses are clogged, relieving eye strain from screens, or unwinding at the end of the day.

  • Amazon Review: “Suggested by one of my friends. I’ve had this product for about a week now and I am really enjoying it. I love coming home to shower get in my cozy clothes and slap this mask on. I even put it on my forehead while watching tv in bed. My ear was achy and I used it for that too.”
  • Where to Buy: $31.99 on Amazon.


NIUONSIX Weighted Wrap-around Heating Pad for Neck & Shoulders

The perfect companion to her heated eye mask. This wrap-around heating pad is a perfect gift for her, especially if she works a desk job or is prone to headaches and migraines. Just a great and easy way to soften stiff muscles at the end of the day.

  • Amazon Review: “Product itself delivered immediate relief. Good coverage. Nice and hot. Purchased more specifically for neck-fits great- couldn’t be better. Also used to wrap around lower back on top of sciatic nerve-great there also. Very happy with performance and ease of control.”
  • Where to Buy: $39.99 on Amazon.


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