2023 EGO Lawn Mowers – What’s New and Why I might Sell Mine

2023 Ego Lawn Mowers

When you think of outdoor power equipment (OPE), who do you think of? For me, it’s hands-down EGO, which I will explain shortly.  This article is about two new mowers for 2023, so let’s jump into the 2023 EGO Lawn Mowers, but before we do, I have a little story I want to tell you.

Who Is EGO

EGO was the first company to truly make a viable battery-powered lawn mower.  While there were other mowers out there, none had the power or quality anyone really wanted.  When EGO hit the market, it changed the way we all looked at OPE products, just like how Tesla changed how we looked at battery-operated cars.

My Experience

So let me jump into my little story and I’ll make it short.  You can watch the video below to see the whole story.  Back in 2014, I received a call from Stephen who was introducing me to a new battery-operated lawn mower called EGO.  However, I didn’t want anything to do with it, I was happy with gas.  Long story short, he sold me on testing it out, I fell in love with it and it changed the game.  I still have the first-generation EGO mower that I use all the time, which you can see in the pictures above.

So for me, when I speak of EGO, I speak of the experience I have had for the last eight years and how they have performed like a champ for me.  I am still using old technology and enjoying every minute of it.

In fact, I love EGO so much, I have invested in the full line of OPE.  I also have the chainsaw, the inverter, light, fan, and more but just as an example, here are some of my most used EGO products.

2023 Ego Lawn Mowers

If that doesn’t say a lot.  I even changed my neighbor Tom from gas to battery.  I tried to tell him about it for years and he never wanted to change.  About two years ago, he made the change and he always tells me how much he likes his EGO.

Why do I tell you all of this?  Simple, it’s a company that has produced the best OPE, and is something I have a ton of experience with.  So when I talk about EGO, it’s not from a salesman’s point of view.  I really don’t care if you buy the products or not.  It’s just the fact that they have been so dependable and performed like no other, it just excites me.  Yes, I know I am crazy.

Two 2023 EGO Lawn Mowers

2023 Ego Lawn Mowers

For 2023, EGO has released two new mowers, the LM2114SP and the LM2125SP.  While they share some common features, they also have some differences to note.  But before we go on, I do want to mention that they come with a 5-year mower warranty and a 3-year battery warranty.  So let’s jump in and talk about what is in common with both mowers.

2023 EGO Lawn Mowers – What’s in Common

2023 Ego Lawn MowersBoth of these 2023 EGO Lawn Mowers are designed around a 3360-watt brushless motor that delivers 6ft-lbs of torque.

They both are powered by the EGO 56v battery which runs their whole platform.  So if you jump into one of these mowers, you will have batteries for other products in their line.

2023 Ego Lawn Mowers

One nice feature is they are designed with heavy-duty plastic.  Not sure if it’s ABS or what, but looking at my mower from eight years ago, I don’t have any cracks, so I know these new ones will last.

The mowers are both self-propelled and offer a 21″ deck.

As with all their other mowers, they utilize a single lever to adjust all four wheels at the same time.  No more having to adjust each wheel.

2023 Ego Lawn Mowers

If you love their handle, no worries as they have utilized the same handle with these mowers.  I use my handle more than I ever thought.  Getting it in and out of the shed, putting it in my truck, or when I have to move it from the front yard to the back yard.

Doesn’t matter if you like bagging, mulching, or using the side discharge, these mowers offer all three options.

2023 Ego Lawn Mowers

One of my favorite features of these mowers is the handles.  So many times we see cheap handles that flex and bend.  The EGO has always had these strong durable handles and these two new 2023 EGO Lawn Mowers are no different.

If you are limited on space, no worries.  You can easily fold and store the mower under your bench or other tight areas.

Another feature I love about these 2023 EGO Lawn Mowers is the different handle positions.  Doesn’t matter if you are small in stature or tall, you can easily find a good handle height with one of the three options.

2023 Ego Lawn Mowers

On the handle, there is a status indicator about what is going on with the power of your mower.

2023 Ego Lawn Mowers

As with their other mowers, these also have bright LED lights in case your mowing takes you into the twilight of the evening.

What is Different

As you can see, there are many similarities between these mowers.  However, there are also some differences.  So let’s take a look at what is different between these 2023 EGO Lawn Mowers.

One noticeable difference is the battery size.  The LM2114SP comes with a 6Ah battery and offers 50 minutes of run time.  The LM2125SP comes with a 7.5Ah battery and offers 60 minutes of runtime.

2023 Ego Lawn Mowers

You will also notice the chargers are different.  The LM2125SP comes with a 550 Watt charger for quicker charging.

2023 Ego Lawn Mowers

Another one of the more notable differences is the way a user engages and uses the self-propelled feature.

2023 Ego Lawn Mowers

With the LM2114SP, you have two levers a user can hold to activate and use the self-propelled feature.  A user can use a single lever to activate it also.  With the LM2114SP you are always having to squeeze and release to activate and deactivate the self-propelled feature which some people find annoying.  However, there are a lot of people who are used to this style and like it.

You can also see how adjusting speeds is a little different.  With the LM2114SP, you can push or pull the center tab to increase or decrease speed.

2023 Ego Lawn Mowers

The LM2125SP doesn’t rely on levers to activate the self-propelled feature.  As you are pushing on the handles, you naturally push on the self-propelled feature which makes it much easier, in my opinion, to activate the self-propelled feature.  If you don’t want to use the self-propelled feature, no worries, you can turn it off so you don’t accidentally hit the buttons.

Instead of a push tab to increase or decrease speed, the LM2125SP uses a dial to set your speed.

The two biggest differences are the way you interact with the self-propelled feature and the battery size.  While I like the setup of the LM2125SP, I know there are a lot of people who still like the lever style, so in the end, it’s nice to see EGO is accommodating to both styles.

2023 EGO Lawn Mowers Performance

2023 Ego Lawn Mowers

So let’s talk about performance.  My 2014 performs like a champ so now imagine eight years of advancement.  These mowers perform like no other.  While all mowers cut, there are a lot that seem to just push the grass over, and the next day you see blades of grass standing up.  With the EGO, they actually cut the grass and don’t just push over the grass.

The 2023 EGO Lawn Mowers are both extremely quiet as you would expect.  And as with all the other EGO mowers, they are very easy to use and operate.

The self-propelled feature is head and shoulders above the rest.  Easy to control and you can change speeds on the fly.

Overall these are powerful and offer enough runtime for most yards.  If there is a time you need more power, the motor will adjust and ramp up to produce more power for those tough areas.


2023 EGO Lawn Mowers – Final Wrap Up

The bottom line, you will not go wrong with EGO.  As I said, I have a model from 2014 that I absolutely love.  I have to admit, this is hard for me to decide if I should get rid of my old mower.  The new mowers are more powerful and the self-propelled option is nice.  However, I am having a hard time parting with my old mower.  Part of me wants to see how long it will last.

Considering current technology is much better in 2023 than what was offered in 2014, these mowers are worth the investment and they will last.  The platform is awesome and these two mowers for 2023 are a nice addition to an already incredible OPE lineup.  For us, EGO has the best-performing battery-powered OPE lineup on the market.


  1. “Both of these 2023 EGO Lawn Mowers are designed around a 3360-watt brushless motor that delivers 6ft-lbs of torque.”

    Hi, nice comparison between the two machines. One thing I wanted to ask you: where is it possible to find the power data in watts of the Ego mowers? They are not usually found and I would like to know that of the Lm2156sp and the new Lm2167sp. Thank you

    • They should have it on their website, if not I would send them an email and ask. If you still are having trouble finding the information, let me know and I can do some digging.

  2. What about weight? What I need is something light and maneuverable for occasional use mulching leaves. I rarely mow my own yard. Small yard

  3. Got a striping kit for my EGO push and never looked back! Honestly wish I could mow all the time but southern Wisconsin won’t allow it.

  4. Hi Eric, great review. I’ve actually come across this as my mower which is the same as your old. I’ve been doing some research on the newer models as mine has suddenly started dying while I’m mowing. It starts to slowly power down while the indicator light stays green. It may go for a while or may keep doing it. Have you had any experience with this?

    • No, I wish i could help but nothing like that has happened with mine. Are you sure it’s just not a battery problem, maybe an old or defective battery? Let me see what I can find out.

      • I’ve got 5 batteries and kept swapping them but kept doing it. I think possibly it was a fairly warm day and may have been over heating. But has done it randomly first thing in the morning.
        I’ve retired it to my home mower and up dated to the 2023 model for the work truck anyway so hopefully we’ll be all good.
        It would be good if they made a more commercial one. But then the price would probably be up around the pellnec.


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