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2022 Christmas Gift Guide – Best Gifts for Boys

2022 Christmas Gift Guide

So here is our list of gifts for boys, yes only boys.  As you notice we do not have a gift guide for girls.  Well, we have one for moms but not daughters.  I have two boys and have no idea what to buy a girl so a gift guide for girls would not make sense.  Heck, I can’t even figure out what my wife wants, so imagine trying to put together a list for girls.  This list has a wide variety of options from toddlers and up to teens.

*Note from the Editor: I’m a woman. I would have loved almost all of these when I was growing up. The author is obviously and admittedly girl-clueless.

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Dart Board


Glow in the Dark Football


Jump Rope




Basketball Hoop


Water Balls


Virtual Reality


Nerf Targets


Night Light


Drum Set

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