2022 Christmas Gift Guide – Best Gifts Under $50

2022 Christmas Gift Guide

Our gift guide for gifts under $50 has some cool and practical gifts.  In this economy and rising prices, it’s hard to find good quality gifts that don’t break the bank.  We managed to come up with some cool items which we listed below.

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1Portable Speaker

  • Name – Sony SRS-XB13 EXTRA Wireless Bluetooth Portable Travel Speaker
  • Price – $48.00
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – A little speaker makes a great gift.  You can use it almost anywhere.  This is small and easy to take from place to place.  If you have a music lover on your list, this would make a great gift.


2Blood Pressure Kit

  • Name – Greater Goods Blood Pressure Monitor – Complete Kit
  • Price – $33.89
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – Know someone who has anger issues?  If so, this is a perfect gift to help control their temper or at least see their blood pressure rise as their anger rises.


3Cat Water Bowl

  • Name – Tomxcute Cat Water Fountain
  • Price – $36.99
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – I don’t own a cat, but Dan has a couple.  He has these throughout his house and they seem pretty cool as the cats always have water.  The cats seem to like these fountains.  In all honesty, I like them also, except when I get hair in my throat.


4Cutting Boards

  • Name – Organic Bamboo Cutting Board Set of 3
  • Price – $36.99
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – You can never have too many cutting boards.   These Bamboo boards are a 3-pack and a variety of sizes.  Perfect to help keep your work area clean and your knives from dulling.


5Smart Garage Door System

  • Name – myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control
  • Price – $29.00
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – I do not have experience with this but seems to have great ratings.  If you don’t have a smart system, this is a great add-on to help calm your nerves about questioning if you closed the garage door before you left.
  • Note from the Editor: I have this and absolutely love it. We use it when we take the golf cart out, when I need to let someone in my garage and I’m not home, or anytime I need to open/close the garage door and I’m not in my car. You can also set it to automatically close your door at a certain time. Many times at 9:00 p.m. I hear my garage door closing because I forgot I left it open.



  • Name – VIENECI Hose 100ft Garden Hose Expandable Hose
  • Price – $33.14
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – I love these hoses, ok the idea anyway.  I have purchased so many of these only for them to fail.  I like that this hose has brass connectors and seems better than most.  It’s winter time here but after seeing the reviews, I think I am going with this hose this Spring.


7Portable Power

  • Name – Anker Portable Charger
  • Price – $34.99
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – Who doesn’t need portable power?  With everyone addicted to their phones, we run through power like crazy and always need a little extra juice.  A perfect gift to help feed the addiction.



  • Name – Etekcity Smart Scale for Body Weight and Fat
  • Price – $25.62
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – Who doesn’t like to step on a scale and lower their self-confidence?  Well, now you can lower your self-confidence through your phone.  Actually, this is pretty cool as it tracks more than just weight.


9Smart Switch

  • Name – Leviton D2MSD-2RW Decora Smart Wi-Fi Motion Sensing Dimmer
  • Price – $44.20
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – Turn any room into a smart room.  I never thought I would like these switches but I have used the app so many times for a variety of reasons.  This is a great gift for those who might be hesitant about upgrading to the future.



  • Name – Anker Magnetic Battery Wireless Portable Charger
  • Price – $44.99
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – Again with the charging and phones.  This is pretty cool because it acts like a stand and will charge wirelessly.  What is cool is that you can attach it to the back of your phone for longer run times.
  • Note from the Editor: There is a newer version of this portable charger on Amazon for $59.99.


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