2021 Holiday Gift Guides – Best Gift for Travelers

Holiday Gifts

Before we jump into the 2021 Holiday Gift Guides – Best Gift for Travelers, check out our previous gift guides for 2021.

We travel a lot for Tools in Action so we have learned a thing or two.  We figured we would make a great list for those who travel and need some pointers or even practical travel ideas.  Some things that make our life easier.

1Travel Backpack

  • Name – Travel Backpack – Water Resistant Anti-Theft Business Large Daypack
  • Price – $49
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – The best travel backpack money can buy.  I use this all the time when we go to shows and more.  I even used this as my main backpack when I was in Switzerland.  The pack is high quality and has so many pockets which makes staying organized easy.  The two front pockets are key.  In the top one, I had my passport and other travel documents.  In the bottom, I had other items I would need to access quickly.  I was able to get a book, computer, a jacket, pants and so much more in this pack which is key when traveling from lower and hotter places to higher altitudes and cooler places.

2Portable Charger

  • Name – Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger
  • Price – $25
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – One of the smallest and lightest chargers out there.  If you couple this with the backpack above, it makes a perfect fit.  The back lets you install the battery charger inside and you can plug it in from the outside of the backpack.  This charged my phone a couple of times a day and worked great.

3Wallet Phone Case

  • Name – Wallet Case with Card Holder
  • Price – $15
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – If I wasn’t traveling, I wouldn’t use this system, but for traveling it’s perfect.  Instead of having to carry a wallet and phone, you can combine them into one.  So you don’t have to worry about losing your wallet or getting pickpocketed.  You can keep your phone, cash cards, and hotel card all in one place.  It works great especially if I am just running out.  For me, I really like having one thing to carry around.

4Rain Jacket

  • Name – Variety of Rain Jackets
  • Price – Varies
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – A rain jacket is always a must-have when traveling.  They are small and can easily be packed without taking up too much room.  When you need it, you will be happy you brought it.


  • Name – Umbrella Windproof Travel Umbrella Compact Folding
  • Price – $26
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – I am not much of an umbrella guy but I know a lot of people are.  You are better off bringing your own than paying high prices at your travel/tourist destination.  I do like this umbrella because it’s compact and can easily fit in a suitcase or carry-on bag.

6Travel Pillow

  • Name – Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow for Neck
  • Price – $25
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – Like the umbrella, I am not a travel pillow kind of guy but there are those that would like to get this as a gift.  Being on a plane is frustrating by itself.  They smell and you are crammed in like sardines.  So if you can make time fly by a little quicker by taking a nap, it’s worth having a pillow to make you a little more comfortable.

7Toiletry Bag

  • Name – 42 Travel Hanging Toiletry Bag
  • Price – $21
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – I don’t own this bag but I do have a toiletry bag.  For me, it’s key.  I can get everything I need in one place and then when I get to the hotel, I can put it all in the bathroom.  Best of all, you can leave it in the bag and nothing has to touch the counter.

8Luggage Tag

  • Name – Luggage Tags Business Card Holder
  • Price – $9
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – This is a no-brainer.  With luggage all looking the same nowadays, it’s important to have something that separates you from the others.  Plus when the airlines lose your luggage, they can easily get a hold of you, yeah right like they will reach out to you.

9Electronic Organizer

  • Name – BAGSMART Electronic Organizer
  • Price – $15
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – This is key for me.  I have so many different cords and plugs, plus I have a USB hub.  This pack helps me keep everything together and organized.  Plus when I leave, I can quickly see if I missing anything.

10Travel Cubes

  • Name – Amazon Basics 4 Piece Packing Travel Organizer Cubes
  • Price – $23
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – I travel with a backpack or small suitcase.  These organizers are great to help keep your clothes organized and keep them from getting all wrinkled.


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