2021 Holiday Gift Guides – Best Gift Ideas

Holiday Gifts

‘Tis the season of joy.  For me, this is my favorite time of year.  I love October when it starts to get a little cooler.  I know I have Halloween, and then Thanksgiving.  Then from there, is when the real fun begins because I know the big man is going to stop by my house and give us some gifts.  Sure, he takes my cookies and I notice the dog is walking a little weird, but we all have to pay a price.

Since this is the time of gift-giving, we figured why not create some gift guides to help everyone with some ideas.  Not the usual ideas you see everywhere, but something practical and something useful, with a little fun sprinkled in.

So over the next couple of weeks, we will have some gift guides about power tools, outdoors, travelers, dads, moms, and practical stuff, plus a whole lot more.

Today we are going to wet your beak with just a few to get you started.  After this, we will have a lists of 10 gift ideas from a variety of different categories.

1Ear Buds

  • Name – Bluetooth Ear Buds
  • Price – Varies
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – There are so many earbuds to choose from.  I own the Apple earbuds but if I had to do it again, I think I would have saved the money.  Sure they are nice but not sure if they are worth it compared to what is on the market.  If I lose an Apple Ear Bud, I will be crying because I am cheap.  One time I was on a plane, I bent over to get something from under the seat and one of my buds fell out.  I had no idea where it went and we were getting ready for take-off.  Lucky for me, it landed underneath the seat in front of my and when the plane took off, it rolled back and my foot stopped it.  Right then, I decided, no more spending ridiculous amounts of money for a brand name.

2Family Games

  • Name – Various
  • Price – Monoloply Deal – $6, Ticket To Ride – $36, Catan – $35
  • Buy NowMonopoly DealTicket to RideCatan
  • Description – Electronics always take over our lives.  Sometimes it’s nice to go back to basics and just talk and have some fun with the family.  Here are a couple of games our family plays and we love.  Monopoly Deal is a quick game and doesn’t take hours like traditional Monopoly.  Ticket to Ride and Catan are a little more involved but well worth it.

3Meat Probe

  • Name – Thermo Pro TP20 Wireless Meat Thermometer
  • Price – $49
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – I own this unit and it’s probably one of the best investments I have made.  This is a high-quality wireless thermometer.  No more do I have to keep running outside to check the temp.  With this thermometer, I can relax inside.  If you know someone who grills, this is a great gift.

4Fishing Kit

  • Name – Mystery Tackle Box
  • Price – $35
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – I am usually not a fan when someone says mystery, well except for my fast food, then I want it to be a mystery.  However, I do like to gamble so this is kind of like a gamble.  I haven’t bought this kit so can’t speak about it first hand but it seems like a cool idea.  This is something I am going to pick up next spring and see.  The one downside is the box is $35 and the value is around $40.  So for an extra $5 is it worth it to just pick the lures you want?  Sure if the value was closer to $50, you might make my choice easier but at the same time, I see the novelty of this gift.  It’s always fun to be surprised, well unless your girlfriend calls up and says she got a test and we need to talk.

5Wireless Charger

  • Name – 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station,
  • Price – $44
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – This is a pretty cool idea.  Again, I don’t own this but thinking about picking it up since it can charge my phone and earbuds in one unit.  Yes, it charges a watch also but I don’t have the Apple watch.  I was tired of it telling me I was fat and need to get more than 30 steps a day.


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