12 Days of Christmas – Day 7


Day 7 is here.  Wow I can’t believe Christmas is so close.  For 12 days we will put out a couple ideas that we like or at least we feel would be a good gift.  For this, each day we will have one stocking stuffer gift and one present.  The stocking stuffers are inexpensive gifts, while the presents will be a little more, well sometimes a lot more.  If you find something you like on this list, I would suggest forwarding this post to the person you want to buy it for you.  Let them know you found this amazing website with great Christmas ideas.

You can check out our other items we recommended for these 12 days of Christmas.

Stocking Stuffer

Milwaukee 49-22-1129 12-Piece Ultimate Demolition Sawzall Blade Set

Milwaukee Sawzall Blades

  • Thick blades – .042-inch and .062-inch for extreme applications.
  • 1-Inch height for added strength
  • Wide, allowing it to fit in tight spaces.


Christmas Present

Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710 Precision Stud Finder
Franklin Sensor

  • Uses Multi-Sense Technology to find studs more accurately through difficult surfaces.
  • Instantly finds wood studs, metal studs and other hidden objects.
  • One-step operation: Press button to turn on. LED lights instantly indicate the location of objects.
  • Always-on deep scanning (up to 1.5″).
  • Can detect multiple objects simultaneously and identify object width.




  1. I want this sensor since I saw the review a few years back. Now I need to pull the trigger. I also want the DeWalt 12v scanner, but I can’t justify the $$$ when it will sit most of the year

  2. Eric, I pulled the trigger and let me tell you. It is awesome, it does the job, finding studs, nothing fancy. The best $40 bucks spent in a very long time. Helped my brother remodel an old apartment building and he order his the next day. Now everyonewants to use it. I hate lending my tools. They are my pride and joy. Later TIA


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