12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide – Day 8

Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is here which means the cold and the snow are here or will be coming soon.  So what do you do to keep warm?  Maybe a fire, turn up the heat or put on your favorite PJs.  But what do you do when you go outside?  Do you layer up or just have a thick coat that makes you look like the kid in A Christmas Story?  Well, the good news is that heated gear is available.  A perfect gift for those who hang around or work outside.  Sure if you are moving around, you can layer up.  But if you are standing around more or want more movement, a heated jacket is the perfect solution.  So let’s take a look at Day 8 Tools in Action Gift Guide.

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12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide – Day 8

Bosch Heated Jacket

Milwaukee Heated Jacket

Why a Heated Jacket Makes the Perfect Gift

Heated gear is the perfect gift.  It’s a cool and exciting gift.  You would be surprised how many people still don’t know about heated jackets.  When I wear my jacket, I still get people stopping me and asking what’s the light on my jacket.

More companies have started making heated gear over the years.  However, my two favorites are still the Bosch and the Milwaukee.  For looks and comfort, the Bosch is the best option.  The Bosch looks clean, stylish and is the most comfortable heated jacket in the market.  But the downside is Bosch only offers one style, Black.

On the other hand, Milwaukee has a wide variety of styles including hoodies.  They offer red, black, camo and more.  For me, I love the camo jacket.

When it comes to comfort, both jackets are extremely comfortable and fit great. However, when you use the battery, the Bosch hands down is more comfortable.  The reason is Bosch has the battery on the side of the jacket while Milwaukee has it more towards the back.  So when you sit down on a seat, you usually feel the Milwaukee battery.  You can adjust it so it’s on the side and you don’t feel the battery, but it’s just one more hassle when you’re trying to hold your coffee and donut.

Either jacket is a great option for a gift for you or a loved one.

Final Thoughts

A heated jacket is a thoughtful and practical gift especially for those who get cold easily or work outside.  For me, I wear shorts in the winter, yes I am one of those guys.  However, when I go sit outside to watch a football or hockey game and I am sitting around, I get cold quickly.  A heated jacket is a perfect way to keep me warm.  Looking for a great gift, check out the heated gear from Bosch and Milwaukee.  Both manufacturers offer men’s and women’s versions.


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