12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide – Day 3

Christmas Gift Guide

Let’s face it, gas sucks.  But there are products out there where we still need gas to power tools such as generators and inverters.  Oh wait, Ego changed the game with their new release, the Nexus.  No longer do you need to rely on gas to create power.  You can now use batteries to make power.  So let’s check out Day 3 Gift Guide.

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12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide – Day 3

Ego Nexus

  • Name – Ego 56-Volt 3000-Watt Nexus Portable Power Station
  • Model – PST3042
  • Price – $999
  • Where to BuyThe Home Depot
  • ReviewsEgo Reviews

Why Ego Makes the Perfect Gift

I have an inverter that I absolutely love, the Briggs & Stratton P2200.  Long run times, quiet and easy to start for me.  However, the one problem for me is I don’t use it enough.  So when I need to run it because of a power outage, the gas is bad or I don’t have enough gas on hand.  Sure I use Trufuel which works but even that will go bad after some time.  Plus the inverter is heavy to lift if I am just going tailgating.

The Nexus brings it to a whole new level for me.  When I tailgate, it’s lighter so it’s easy to carry around and move into the truck.  While the Briggs is quiet, it can’t compete with the Nexus in regards to sound.

Here is the best thing about the battery-powered Nexus, my wife doesn’t have an issue using it.  For her, it’s simple.  She isn’t pulling a cord, figuring out where to move a choke, where I keep the gas or anything else related to gas products.  The Nexus, she can get from the garage or shed and easily set it up.  So if I am not around and the power goes out, I no longer have to rely on my neighbor to get the inverter and set it up for us.  Now, my wife does everything.

Final Thoughts

Bottom line, I am not saying this is for everyone.  If you rely on generators or inverters as a part of daily life, gas is still the way to go.  If you are like me where I need power maybe 3 to 10 times per year for camping, tailgating, and the occasional power outage, the Nexus is the way to go because I don’t need unlimited run time.  I just need enough for the camping experience, tailgating or enough time till the electric is restored.


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