12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide – Day 1

Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is a time of reflection and a time to celebrate the birth of Christ, but let’s be honest, the presents, the food and the time off are awesome and for some, the family getting together for the holidays.  Speaking of food, this is a time we eat good, eat too much and we eat for fun.  So it’s only fitting the first item on the list of the 12 Days of Christmas has to do with food, not power tools.

12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide – Day 1

Traeger Grill

  • Name – Traeger Pro Series Pellet Grill
  • Model – 575
  • Price – $699
  • Where to BuyAmazon

Traeger Grill

  • Name – Traeger Pro Series Pellet Grill
  • Model – 780
  • Price – $899
  • Where to BuyThe Home Depot

Why Traeger Makes the Perfect Gift

A while back we received a Traeger Grill, the 780 series.  Over the years, we have covered a wide variety of products, but this Traeger grill is hands down the best.  I have been using this grill a couple of times per week for the past two months and absolutely love it, hence that is why I am using it so much, even in the cold weather.  We will be releasing the review shortly so stay tuned. So why does this make the perfect gift?

The Traeger will turn any person who can’t cook, into a 5-star chef.  Between the ease of use and the mobile app, this is the easiest way to not only cook food but cook good food.  Just set the temp, follow the direction for hundreds of different recipes and wait for the goodness.

While the grill has a lot to offer like the best build quality, large grilling surface, awesome taste and a ton of accessories, it’s the technology behind the grill.  Normally I am not a fan of putting technology into products because half the time it’s a sales gimmick.  I have to admit that when I heard this grill had wifi capabilities, I wasn’t impressed.  Sure it was cool, but something I wouldn’t use.  However, after setting up and working with the grill, it’s now my favorite feature.  The grill will connect to my phone.  I can control temp, get alerts and more.  The cool thing is I can be anywhere and see what is happening with the grill.  Wait for the review and you will see why I love this feature.

Now I can go on and on about this grill.  Sure it’s a big expense for a Christmas gift, but worth every penny.  While they sell the 575 model, I would go with the 780 as you have more room.  Trust me after the first use, you will fill up the grill quickly because you will want to grill everything on the Traeger.

Final Thoughts

Bottom line, simply awesome and worth every penny.  If you want the best gift for yourself or to give to someone, the Traeger grill is the perfect gift.


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