WeatherTech Digital Fit Floor Liner – F150 EcoBoost Project

A work truck is like your home, you spend all day in it and with todays economy you want to take care of it the best way possible to make it last. Ordinary floor mats just don’t cut it, especially in the winter months when snow and slush melting off your boots is overflowing all over your carpet, all that salt and water can lead to rusty floorboards. When you see the WeatherTech Floorliner you will never purchase another brand floor mat again.

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The WeatherTech Floorliners are manufactured from a proprietary custom blended TPO (thermopolyolefin) that makes they them wear resistant and they remain flexible in extreme temperatures. They are custom fit for each individual vehicle, it really is an amazing process how they get them to fit perfectly just like OEM in fact WeatherTech is the OEM manufacturer for many high end car brands. The install was easy, like any other floor mat install, pull the old ones out and insert the new ones. The floor liners are designed to completely protect the floor of you vehicle, they have high sides and are designed to direct any water out and away from the passenger compartment. When they get caked with mud you can just slide them out and hose them off. With the 3 year warranty you know that its a quality product and its made right here in the USA. The part numbers for this application are #110003-120003. You will need to visit WeatherTech to find the right ones for your vehicle.

The rear liner provides full protection with the added feature of preventing cargo from sliding due to its grippy surface. I have had a tool bag back there for a few weeks now and it has not moved an inch.  The liners really give the interior a modern quality look, as you can see from the pictures all the dirt you see on the liners would be in the carpet. We highly recommend WeatherTech, its a good company that produces quality products including the no drill mud flaps that we reviewed earlier this month.


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