Warn Pullzall Portable Winch – In Camo

It wasn’t long ago that we told you about the Warn cordless Pullzall.  It basically replaced an old fashioned come-a-long.  Well now they have that same unit In Camo.  This comes in handy for hunters and even military applications.  To say the Pullzall is handy is an understatement.  It is a necessity in certain situations.

Whether to go corded or cordless Pullzall is up to you and the applications you need it for. For more indoor applications like hoisting engines or farm equipment the AC version is a good fit.  The AC version can also work in the field provided you have 120 AC power and 1200W.  We were able to power the winch off of a small Ryobi 2000 inverter.


A trigger controls the winch and it has a reverse switch like a drill.  There is an LED indicator that will turn red and stop the winch if you pull more than the rated 1000 lbs.  This is a huge safety feature because you are right there close to the cables if anything happens.  Warn has been around for a long time and is the front runner in the off road winch industry.  Warn also offers a rigging kit for the Pullzall. Check it out for yourself.


  1. Could be very handy for pulling a boat onto a trailer, and then the whole boat & trailer up the ramp…
    There are times when a boat ramp can get a little slick and this could help save your vehicle from a swimming lesson !

  2. DAN I’d like to see you guys do a review on the (Lewis Winch) it’s a adapter that you hook up to any gas power chainsaw and turns it into a winch that is capable of pulling 6 thousand pounds. Check them out on YouTube (Lewis Winch)


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