Roll-A-Ramp – Not Your Ordinary Ramp

In my opinion, everyone needs ramps.  For the homeowner they are invaluable.  They allow you to load heavy objects with ease.  Roll-A-Ramp started making access ramps for the disabled.  They pretty much own the market for the lightweight portable wheel chair access ramp.  It turns out that these ramps also excel at just about everything that a ramp is supposed to do.  Let’s start with portability.  You just roll them up, that’s it.  They are light at around 20 pounds each.   This is a huge departure from the rigid 8′ ramps that are a pain in the rear to transport.  They can fit in the trunk of a car or the back of a UTV without a problem.


roll-a-ramps 5

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Wait a second.  Ramps are usually for getting a UTV into a truck or trailer. Why would we want to take them on the trail with us?  Well, these ramps just happen to be awesome at traversing terrain!  What does that mean?  It means you can use the ramp like a bridge to roll over unnavigable terrain or objects.  The ramp contours to the obstacles you want to go over and allows both an entry and exit slope.  No other ramp on the market allows you to do this.  Our 8′ x 12″ ramps hold 1,000 lbs. each.  This is a lot of weight and not once did the ramps feel weak.  In fact, the ramps are quality built right here in the USA and have a 10 year warranty.

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roll-a-ramps 2

Another thing that I really like about these ramps is that they have great traction.  Whatever is on the ramp doesn’t slip, This is a huge safety factor for me.  The ramps are fully customizable.  They can build you any length and configuration you need.  In the pictures and video you can see us driving over a set of DeWALT tough boxes, No other ramp allows you to do this.  Roll-A-Ramps are priced a bit higher than most ramps but then again, Roll-A-Ramp is not your ordinary ramp.  Check out for more info.

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  1. I could use one to load my mobility scooter into my truck.
    Been looking for something like this that is easy to set up.
    Checked out the lifts but way to much money. Thanks I will check


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