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Truck bed covers come in all shapes and sizes. Everyone has a different need and likes a different style.  A year or so ago we put a Peragon cover on our truck.  I have to say I have been 100% happy with the operation and overall durability of the cover.  It has held up through the brutal Chicago winter and had 4 feet of snow piled on it with no issues.  For the $699 there is no better cover.  Even if the Peragon were up in the $1k range I would still be considering it.  The low profile and factory look make it a sleek option.

The cover retracts like an accordion and is completely removable for when you need the entire bed. No tools are needed to remove the cover, it is a simple operation.  The only downside for me was that you have to drill 4 holes in the bed.  To some this not a big deal and really it isn’t a big deal.  But anytime you are drilling holes into your $50,000 truck you get a an uneasy feeling.  Other than that I really recommend the Peragon Truck Cover.  They are family owned and made right here in the USA.  Check them out at



  1. To think I was going to skip this review only because I don’t own a pickup or know anything about pickup covers. My hooptie is an old 99 Ford Explorer, nice rust color (or vintage). I did see Brien’s comments that I did something.What the heck did I do? I think I’m the only Juan F that comments, so I looked at the video. Dang!!! I won a Veto tote bag???? Yes!!!! Last week I posted that I was on the fence on these, because I want something light to carry my tools around from place to place. I will know own one, this is just great. I will see what Dan raves about now. Sorry, this post has nothing to do with the truck cover. Babbling again as you guys know, which I tend to do a lot on some posts. Brien thanks for posting the heads up & to Dan & Eric.. thank you & as always. Laters TIA

  2. Great review! I have the same truck so it’s a good reference for me! Plus I have been looking into getting a bed cover for a while now so the timing of this video was really good! There is just so much junk out there though so it’s hard to find something I like. This cover looks very durable and I like that it will withstand decent snow loads. Does anyone know what kind of warranty this thing has?

  3. Hey guys. I watch your reviews a lot before making a decision on a too purchase. I’ve been looking at a lot of reviews on the Peragon covers. 90% of the praise them the other 10% say that they leak like a sive. Have you any issues with water penetration?


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