Milwaukee M18 2750-22CT Compact Impact Driver

Well it’s about time.  Yes, Milwaukee came out with a compact impact driver (also a drill/driver and hammer drill, but that’s for next week).  I have been wanting a compact drill and impact for a while.  Now you know I am a big Milwaukee fan, but I did change my drill platform over to Dewalt.  Only reason is because they have a compact drill and impact.  Milwaukee has always had a bigger drill and it’s great for certain applications, but for smaller applications, who really needs all the weight and power?  Now don’t get me wrong, even though this is a compact impact, it still puts out the numbers of their Fuel brushless impact in terms of torque.  In fact it only has 100 in/lbs of torque less.  Looks like I will be switching back to Milwaukee.  Check out the video below to learn more about this impact



  1. They look nice but as someone who has both and M12 Fuel and M18 Fuel drill and Impact I probably won’t be getting this. Even though I think the drill is more compact than the M12 drill. I would actually like so see come compact brushless M12 tools. I like the power of the Milwaukee M12 fuel, but the small size of the Bosch 12v tools is a nice feature too.

    • I agree with you about the size of the m12 stuff… i have the m12 and Makita 18v and i would be great if the m12 were a bit more compact… they are great tools but not really all that small..
      maybe gen 2 m12 fuel will focus not so much on making them much more powerful but really making them a lot more compact (i think they already have great power in terms of 12v tools)

  2. I think this is only like 1/2″ shorter than the fuel.

    If anyone would care to opine at this question, please do. If you could pick between m12 fuel, m18 fuel, or this, what would you get. On paper m18s are shorter by quite a bit. 1200 torque on m12 vs 1500/1600. I saw a fuel m12 take a lug nut off, so seems powerful enough for most things. And say they are priced the same for argument sake.

  3. The M18 Fuel impact driver is already pretty compact, so I was curious about how much more compact this new “compact” model is. Spoiler: not much. Bare tool + compact battery both weigh in at 3.1 lbs, and the difference in length is only 1/8″ (source:

    It appears the only the feature set and price are compact. With (marginally) lower peek torque, and lack of mode settings for max speed and peek torque, is the savings ($30 for the kit, or $20 for the bare tool at Home Depot) worth it?

  4. I like the 18v line from milwaukee I have the 12v fuel line and for me that’s really all I need, I like lite weight stuff climbing ladders all day ,rooftops etc. Perfect for the service guy who’s always on the move. Parallel rack system one minute the next an ice machine, always on the go.If your like me keep it lite yet durable. I used to carry milwaukee s 28v line that got old real quick, too heavy.

  5. Great write up Eric these look to be a great addition to the milwaukee line and hey if u don’t want those 20v’s anymore I would gladly takem 😉 T.I.A#1!!!!

  6. i think the brushless line is nice for Milwaukee, i assume it will eventually take over the brushed tools all together… i can see a big benefit to the drills being that they are much smaller but i dont really see the place for this impact.. to me it just isnt enough cheaper or smaller to justify not going for the fuel.. im looking forward to the drill reviews maybe a little mini fight between the fuel and brushless??
    Nice review!

  7. Erik,back to red side..oh going loose nice light on dewalt dcd790..sitting on 5 amp
    battery…lot of milwauke fuel impacts 2653 with a sk hex to 1/2 adapter..hook to snapon 19 mm
    socket…torque lugnut to 125.00 pounds…2 of them .tried my dewalt dcf886 took it off so did milwaukee…went to 160 pounds..fuel zip it off.dewalt could not budge it…theroy is 5 amp is
    giving it way more than 133 pound rating…buddy gave me great deal at his work ordered 3 5amp
    milwaukee…and 2 dewalt 5amp..fuel 2604 drill is now running Rohm chuck with 8.8 grade machined head like original one.,shaved 1/4 off length .buddy said bolt is a aircraft bolt ..he had
    make bevel at work….trying stuff on his fuel drill…does send picture…hint 3d printer and carbon
    fiber…water jet machine at race shop..dewalt 795 has ring on it…ha my air snap on drill handle
    99% sure it will fit….looking for it on ebay 795…spent so much on 5.0 battery…try 5.0 on fuel circ saw…1/2 mw.2655..take bolt off harmonic balancer ..lawn mower blades..without spinning them.
    hexigon light milwaukee.does 10 plus hours…in my garage.dewalt love miter saw,temp.reader
    12 volt…new dewalt brushless multitool…yes yellow and…good night.

    • Holy s#it that was a good two minutes of my life that I will never get back. Why did I even read to the end? Are you a mud/taper by chance? Or just dropped out of school a tad bit early?

  8. I have all three of these of the these new Milwaukee M18 Compact Fuel Tools. By far I like the hammer drill and regular drill/driver the best, which are noticeably smaller than the larger models. The Compact Impact Driver was sort of a disappointment. It’s the same size/weight as the full size Model 2653-20, has a little less power, and offers no torque selections. No surprise which impact I will grab when needed.


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