Liquid Transfer Pump – Cheap Thrills

Is it just me or do you find yourself having to transfer fluids frequently?  Pouring gas is usually a one way thing.  What if you need to recover that gas or put it back in the can? I have tried hand pumps with no luck.  Recently I set out on a search determined to find the best electric transfer pump I could find.  The results were very surprising.  A lot of research lead me to the Sierra Tools battery operated liquid transfer pump on Amazon.

It is powered by 2 D batteries and claims to move 5 to 6 quarts per minute.  It is roughly $12.55 at the time of this writing.  After receiving the pump I have to say it has really impressed me and save me a lot of headache especially when I transferred 10 gallons of kerosene to a heater.  I was amazed at the speed it transferred the fluid.  I didn’t time it but it was easily under 5 minutes.  Today’s gas cans are a pain to use and this pump is perfect for transferring fuel from the can.  The 2 foot shaft allows you to get to the bottom of a 5 gallon can with ease.  At the bottom of the shaft is the impeller which is protected by 3 small risers which keep the off the bottom.  This leaves a bit of liquid left in the tank.

A switch on the top operates the unit.  I would love to see someone like Milwaukee make a 12 or 18v version of this tool.   There is a big demand for a quality compact fluid transfer pump.  Plumbers and mechanics would save a lot of time and money.  Am I saying that this tool is not quality?  No, but for $12.55 and using it to transfer kerosene I don’t expect it to last more than a season or 2.  To me it is still a good value.  Take a gander buy one from Amazon and let us know what you think.





  1. I find myself having to transfer fluids often, especially when i drink beer. Great review. That looks really useful. I may have to buy one.

  2. I have also been looking for something like for a very long time. The $13 invest for a season or two is not a bad investment. During the fall season & sprong season I find myself wishing that I could get rid of my stupid Ridgid manual pump. That was $20 bucks, well worth it, but very manual. If some big manufacture starting working on a cordless version like you mentioned. I probably wouldn’t be able to afford it 🙁 I will go to amazon & order me one & try it out. I just need to clean out my car & get all that loose change to pay for it. Laters TIA

    I just got Oil Extractor from amazon to do oil changes on cars and the small engines on my outdoor power equipment. It’s awesome you just stick the hose down the dipstick tube and it sucks all the oil out into the container. On car’s its epic you don’t have to crawl underneath to do oil changes, and on the outdoor power equipment its usually a pain to figure out a way to drain the oil with out making a huge mess. It’s not as cheap as the fluid transfer pump but its just as useful. That reminds me I really need to get one of those pumps to drain out the old gas in my snow blower and into my summer out door power equipment.


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