Echo Lawn Mower – 58V Cordless Power

echo lawn mower

echo lawn mowerAs part of mower week, today we are talking about the Echo Lawn Mower.  This is really our first experience with a cordless Echo product.  Now to give you a heads up, we had some mixed feelings about this mower.  From a completely emotional stand point, we were hoping this was going to beat all the mowers on our head to head competition.  The reason being is Echo is a local company for us.  They are located just the next town over and who doesn’t want a home town company to be at the top of the game?  So let’s jump in and see what this mower has to offer.


Echo Lawn Mower Overview

Echo designed this mower to run off a 58v platform.  Now just to be fair, you might see other OPE products running on 56V such as the EGO.  56v and 58v are the exact same things, it comes down to how they want to market it.  It’s the same as Dewalt having a 20V and Bosch having an 18V.  They both have the same amount of battery cells.  Echo uses a brushless motor which gives it longer run time.  The deck is a 21″ deck compared to some of the 20″ decks we tested.  While some manufacturers went with a steel deck, I am happy to say Echo uses a composite or plastic deck which means less weight.  Just as a side note, the deck has a lifetime guarantee and the mower has a 5 year warranty.  Starting the mower really couldn’t be easier.  Just push a button and press the levers, yes it’s that easy.  No pulling cords or any of the other hassles you get with a gas mower.  The handle doesn’t seem too bad, better than others we have tested, but not the best.  For storage, the operation is easy.  Just pull a lever on each side of the handle and it will fold over the mower to make storage quick and easy.  A user can set the handle to 3 different positions to get the comfort that suits them best.

echo lawn mowerNow I am not sure why Echo decided to do this, but they decided to go with a 4 point wheel adjustment.  While most manufacturers built their system with a single lever to adjust heights, Echo makes you adjust all four wheels independently.  Great for some applications, but a pain for most.  There are 7 different height adjustments you can pick from.  As far as other options, you can bag, mulch or use the side discharge.



Echo Lawnmower Thoughts

Again, we really wish this mower was the top of the pack, but there were things that kept it from taking the top spot. While the power and run time were great, the handle does seem pretty cheap.  But again, do you really care when this had a great cutting report and the bagging was exceptional?  One thing that we had a hard time over coming was the fact that you have to raise and lower each wheel.  Yes, most mowers require the user to do this, but in the cordless world, it is usually just a single lever that will do all four wheels at once.  The motor and deck seem to be solid, but I am not that familiar with their battery technology.  I am not sure who makes it for them and how they perform over the long haul.  Is this a bad buy?  No, not by a far shot.  Again the cut quality is awesome, do I really need more in a mower?  For $399 and a 5 year warranty, it doesn’t seem like a bad buy.




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