DEWALT MaxFit Bit Review

DEWALT MaxFit Bit Review

When it comes to a bit, every major power tool manufacturer claims they have the best bits on the market.  Heck, even the no-names brag about their bits.  So who has the best bit on the market?  Well, sadly I can't answer this.  In fact, no one can answer this.  Sure we all have our favorites, but when it comes down to it, this is something we just can't measure under real-world conditions.  So speaking of power tool accessories and bits, let's jump into the DEWALT MaxFit Bit Review.

DEWALT MaxFit Bit Review Overview

As technology advances so does the power of impact drivers.  Today we see impact drivers producing power like never before.  While this is great, the power tool accessory market such as bits hasn't been keeping up with the changes.  Sure, we are starting to see better bits in the market and bits that can keep up, but as you know, they will cost you an arm and a leg.

The new bits are extremely expensive considering they are consumable and have a short lifespan.  A couple years back DEWALT developed the MaxFit which is meant for impact drivers, but won't break the bank.  MaxFit bits are designed to fit snuggly into the fastener which prevents cam out, stripping and should give them a longer life.

DEWALT MaxFit Bit Review Features

DEWALT MaxFit Bit Review

The 30 piece kit comes in a hard plastic case to help keep you organized and make sure all your bits are in one place.

DEWALT MaxFit Bit Review

The MaxFit bits are designed to fit snuggly into the fastener which increases performance and longevity.

The 30 piece kit comes with all the common bits.  While I wish they had a wider assortment of bits such as different size Torx and Robertson bits, I do like the fact they have the most common bits and plenty of each.

  • (15) 1 in. bits
  • (11) 2 in. bits
  • (2) nut drivers
  • (1) magnetic screw lock sleeve
  • (1) bit tip holder

DEWALT MaxFit Bit Review

The kit comes with a changeable magnetic sleeve.

DEWALT MaxFit Bit Review Performance

Performance is hard to quantify with bits because we all use them differently and with different drivers.  For us, we used them when we were laying down an attic floor.  We only ran a Robertson, Phillips, and Torx.  While it's hard to tell, I did feel like we had fewer cam outs and fewer stripped heads.

However, the most important aspect to me was that the bits lasted.  I am used to having the bits break.  On the Phillips, I am used to the head rounding out.  With the DEWALT, they held up.

DEWALT MaxFit Bit ReviewAs you can see, the bits do have a great fit into the fastener.

DEWALT MaxFit Bit Review Value

The DEWALT MaxFit bits can be picked up at your local Home Depot for about $10, which is a steal.  You get a case and 30 bits for pennies on the dollars.  As a value standpoint, I think they are a great value.  I have seen no name bits go for more and these bits are high quality.

DEWALT MaxFit Bit Review Final Thoughts

Impact Drivers are getting more powerful and it has been hard to find quality bits that will keep up with these new impact drivers.  The MaxFit bits are quality bits that fit great in the screws we used.  The case is a nice addition to help keep you organized and great for storage.  With a $10 price tag, how can you pass them up?

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