DeWALT DCR006 Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker

Who listens to terrestrial radio anymore right?  Unless you’re in the city reception usually sucks.  Out by us we have Star 105.5 which is the only station that comes in clear.  It has more commercials than music and honestly I would rather turn it off than listen to it.  Everyone has a smart phone that usually holds your music or can stream Pandora.

Enter the DCR006 speaker, it can be power by 12v,20v or AC power for all day operation. The unit shuts off if no bluetooth connectivity is detected.  It has some rugged rubber buttons on the top.  We should have a video on this soon.  Stay Tuned.



  1. I like that T-mobile has let you have unlimited music streaming now. The only problem as a single guy cell phone plans suck unless you go with a prepaid service. The real deal is if you can find people to go on a family plan and you share the cost of that bill. It’s not fun being on prepaid and not getting a phone subsidy the out of contract cost for an I phone is insane. It starts at $650 and goes up from there. Back to the Dewalt speaker they took the Jawbone jambox concept and made it jobsite tough. I wonder if you could use multiple peakers at the same time now that would be really cool. I like the Milwaukee M18 radio with bluetooth but it is really big and heavy which sucks in some situations.

  2. Interesting idea. I don’t know if I like the fact that it’s just a speaker. I rather get the adapter for my regular yellow radio. Wouldn’t you just do that? Laters TIA


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