We love projects, well who doesn't.  OK let's be honest we love them when they go right, but only when they go as planned.  In this section, you can stay up-to-date on Tools in Action projects.   These are ideas and jobs we are working on or are following other people working on.  Do you have a project you are working on?  If so you can share it in the Power Tool Forum with the Tools in Action Crew.  Do you have a project that is worthy of being on the Tools in Action homepage?  If so contact us with the information. We love sharing projects from the crew members.  After all, this is about the community and helping each other. Share your ideas, your passion and your work with the work.  We would love to show the world what you have created or follow you through the whole project step by step.  Check out some of the projects below.

GR Manufacturing UTV Roof – Mule Project

I needed a roof for the Mule Project for a few reasons.  One was to mount the Kolpin lights to and the other was...

Kolpin Dually LED ATV Flood Lights – Review – Project Mule

There are many kinds of Off Road lights available for ATV and UTV applications.  When you choose to go LED your choices drastically shrink....

Kawasaki Mule 610 XC – Project

We have a Mule and no its not the kind that has four legs.  Its the baddest golf cart on the block and has...

RevArc HD Ramps – Project Mule

"Loading a UTV into a pick up truck is sort of like landing on an aircraft carrier only without a cable to stop you....

Weathertech No Drill Mud Flaps- Ford F150 EcoBoost Project

You get a new vehicle drive through a mud puddle and wham! The entire side of your truck is caked with mud splattered up...

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