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Tools in Action has a variety of “How To’s” articles to help make your life easier.  Some of these articles are simple projects around your home, while other articles are How To’s for power tools and more.  We have simple tips and about keeping your lawn green to other articles such as how to seal concrete.  We even have articles about snowblower tune ups.  If you take a look at our Power Tool Forum, there are a ton of How To’s by professionals and very savvy homeowners.  If you are not part of the Tools in Action Crew, head over to the forum.  There are so many great people who are willing and eager to lend a hand and help walk you through various projects.  Do you have a How To that you want to share?  You can either post it on the forum or contact us and let us know.  Who knows, maybe your work will be on Tools in Action for the whole world to see.

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