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Are you in the market to buy a new scanner?  If so you have come to the right place.  Tools in Action reviews the newest additions to the marketplace.  You can look below and see our recent scanner reviews below.  We help you stay informed about which scanner is right for you and your needs.  Having the right information before you buy means you can buy a scanner that is suitable for you which in returns means you can save money, time and frustration.  Tools are expensive.  Stay informed and become a knowledgeable consumer.  If you are researching other tool purchases, don't forget to take a look at our Power Tool Guide section where you can research based on a number of factors.  Still, need more information for your tool purchase?  Visit our Power Tool Forum.  There is a wealth of information that can help make your buying decision easier.  Take a look at scanner reviews below and find the right one for you.

Franklin Sensor T6 Review

Franklin Sensor T6 Review

Since we aren't all like Superman where we can see behind walls, manufacturers have created a tool that does this for us.  A wall...
Ryobi Stud Detector

Ryobi Stud Detector

When you are looking for a stud detector you will notice you can spend anything from a couple of dollars to hundreds of dollars,...
Bosch D-Tect 120

Bosch D-Tect 120

It's pretty hard to find a good, reliable scanner.  Bosch has a twist on their D-Tect 120.  This scanner uses radar which is far...

Stud Pop – Back to Basics

We always like to feature products made in America here on Tools In Action.  The Stud Pop is made right here in the USA....

DeWALT DCT419 Wall Scanner – Job Site Tech

Before we get into the wall scanner  I know what you are thinking.  This thing will show you exactly behind the wall like superman....

Bosch GMS120 Wall Scanner Review

Oh the stud finder.  The most hated and most loved tool around.  Why are stud finders the most loved and hated tool around?  Well,...
Prosensor 710

Find Your Stud – Franklin Prosensor 710 Stud Finder

There are a lot of different stud finders available on the market.  You can buy one ranging from $5 and up.  The one thing we do...

Milwaukee Sub-Scanner M12 Cordless Detection Tool Review

Superman has some pretty cool powers, but one of the coolest is the ability to see through walls and other materials.  OK, well the...

Bosch Digital Multi-Detector Review DMD4

I got this a while back as a Freebie when I purchased the Bosch Bull Dog Hammer Drill. I thought I would write up...

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