Generator & Inverter Reviews

Are you looking to buy a new generator inverter?  Don’t know which generator inverter manufacturer to buy or what generator inverter model to buy?  If so you have come to the right place.  Tools in Action test and reviews the newest generator inverter available and we report back to you with our in-depth generator inverter reviews.  We cover a variety of aspects that you want to know and understand before you make your purchase.  We have a list below where you can search through and find generator inverter reviews that will fit your needs.  If you don’t see a specific manufacturer or model that below, but you want more in-depth information on, check out our Power Tool Forum.  There are a ton of professionals and knowledgeable people in the forum who are always willing to help.  Also, don’t forget to check out our Power Tool Guide where you can do a ton of research on different tools before you buy.

DeWalt DXGN7200 7200 Watt Commercial Generator – Review

A generator is just one of those items that you should have no matter if you use it a lot or hardly at all because...

PowerMate PM0106507 6500W Generator – Review

Generators can save you in times of power outages, every household should have one.  There are many types and sizes of generators, so which...

PowerStroke 5000 Watt Generator Review

It has been a while since we reviewed a generator.  In fact the last one we tested was a Generac which turned out to be...

Generac iX800 Generator/Inverter – Review

Since 1959 Generac has been known for building some good quality generators.  Generally, I like their products, we went searching for a small portable...

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