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Get Every Manual for Any Product for Free – No Sign up

Ever need a manual but you go searching and cannot find it or end up on some scam site that wants your credit card info to get a manual?  Recently I came across, finally an awesome resource for every manual ever made!  From toasters to iPhones to table saws this place has it all.  The site is fast and you don’t have to sign up for anything.  This is now one of my favorite new sites.  I searched the word drill and over 1800 manuals came up.  That is a lot of...

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How to Setup and Use Milwaukee One-Key Tools

Milwaukee just released a video on how to pair your One-Key tools to your phone and how to use the various features you gain while using the Bluetooth enabled tool. You can control just about everything on the tool now. You can control the clutch settings, how much torque the rpm of the drill. It get’s even crazier, you can enable or disable a torque user protection feature to the delay on the led light. The One-Key application also has presets that pick the best settings for the material and task at had. I have to say this looks...

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Get Snow Off Your Roof – The Easy Way

I have never had to climb up on my roof to remove snow. I have a bad enough time as it is climbing a ladder and being on a roof in the summer let alone winter.  Recently I came across this video of a device making roof snow removal a breeze. It looks to work like a charm, but look out below. Check out a similar snow removal tool over at...

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Low Tech – Water Witching

These days we have high tech tools for just about everything. From $5 voltage detectors to $2500 thermal imaging cameras, if you have enough money, theres a tool to help you find just about anything your looking for. This article is not about such tools. If you’ve ever lived in the country, you know that locating ground water for a well isn’t really an exact science. You can hire a hydrologist, have a seismoelectric survey, or just drill until you hit water, but all these things take time and cost money. Fortunately, you may have another option. Some people claim to...

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Extreme Weather Means Extra Wear And Tear On Snow Blowers! Consider Doing A Mid Season Tuneup!

With the extreme winter weather including record snowfall amounts in most of the USA this winter, I thought it would be a good idea to post about snow blower maintenance. Usually maintenance is done at the beginning or at the end of your snow blowing season. The extreme weather is causing people to use snow blowers more often and using them for extended periods of time. So to keep your machine in top condition and prevent premature wear on your expensive investment consider doing a mid-season tune up. Also, for safety purposes, before you attempt any sort of maintenance...

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