Bostitch 18V Drill & Impact Combo Kit Review BTCK410L2

Okay I have to admit, I am a little lost with this kit.  While it’s nice, I am having a hard time trying to figure out where this company is going.  To me, Bostitch was always a tool designed for the professionals in regards to their nailers and compressors.  I still see older nailers and compressors being used today, which is a testament of their quality.  A while back I heard the news that Bostitch would be selling in Walmart’s, which was a big surprise to me.  Not that I am knocking Walmart as I shop there, I just can’t picture a quality tool being on the shelf at Walmart.  Why does a company who has built a quality name for over 100 years make this move?  My only guess is they are trying to use their quality name and tap into the home market.  Now I am not saying contractors don’t shop at Walmart and especially with this economy, we are all trying to save money.  But I do have to admit, I am lost at this move.  On the other hand, Walmart does carry brand names like Sony, GE and more.  Okay I guess only time tells how this will play out.  Let’s jump in and talk about the tools.

The Bostitch kit, model BTCK410L2, comes with a drill and impact.  These are run off an 18V Lithium-ion platform.

BTC400 Lithium Drill/Driver

Picking up the drill, it doesn’t seem bad at all.  In fact, the balance and feel of the tool feels good in my hand.  Now don’t expect all the bells and whistles on this drill.  While it does have a 1/2″ metal chuck, it doesn’t ratchet (It does lock).  Don’t get me wrong, it still holds the bit in place.  My concern is heavy use over time, how well will it hold the bit.  As with other drill/driver tools, this does have a two speed gear box which produces speeds of 0-350 and 0-1500 rpm.  In regards to torque, it does have 480 in-lbs of torque which is below professional model drills.  Again the price point is also much lower, but if you’re selling this to the pro, they will require heavy use for various applications.

The drill/driver has a 24 position clutch, so for the user, they do have a lot of control depending upon the application.  Overall the drill isn’t too heavy weighing only 3.7 lbs which makes it a very nice drill to use for longer periods of time.  Another point to mention is the drill does have an LED light.


BTC440 Lithium Impact Driver

One of my favorite tools, the impact driver.  The Bostitch impact, like the drill, has a good feeling and is well balanced.  Like with other impacts, this has a 1/4″ hex chuck.  In regards to torque, it puts out 1400 in-lbs, while the Ryobi puts out 1600 in-lbs.  As with the drill, this also has an LED light.


buyamazon1BOSTITCH BTCK410L2 18V Lithium 2-Tool Combo Kit


Items in the Bostitch Combo Kit

  • BTC400 Lithium Drill/Driver
  • BTC440 Lithium Impact Driver
  • 2 – BTC480L Lithium Ion Batteries
  • BTC492L 18V Lithium Ion Charger
  • 2 – PH#2 Screwdriving Bit
  • Bit Tip Storage
  • Belt Clip and Kit Box

So would I recommend these tools?  Yes, but to a small market.  While the tools are good and have power, the downside is they only have a drill and impact.  Which for some homeowners, this is all you need.  If you’re looking to expand, you will have to sit by and wait for more tools to be released.  I am not sure if they are expanding into new tools, but I would image they would expand the line.  Bottom line if you are a homeowner, who wants a quality tool that doesn’t break the bank, and you are not going to expand your line, this is a good kit for you.  Bostitch has built a quality tool for over 100 years and I have no reason to believe these tools won’t last a long time.   But for me the question still remains where Bostitch is trying to go with this line.  They are being sold at Walmart, but the video on their site says it’s for the pro’s.



  1. Are these a poor man’s DeWalt? I really don’t trust anything brand name in tools carried by Walmart. I know that Walmart carries name brands, but they do so by lowering the standards of the brand to keep it affordable. They do this with everything, knives, sporting goods, etc. You can buy a Rawlings baseball glove in Walmart & same one at Dicks (sporting goods store) and they are not the same. The Walmart version is less quality. Beware of this tactic. Just because its a name brand, it’s not the same. Dan has mentioned this is in regards to Snap-On, same case here. Slap on a good name brand & consumers will snatch it up. I can give more examples of this stuff. When you get burned a few times I tend to keep my butt out of the fire (well I try).

    Now, I love my Bostitch nailers & compressor, but I can’t buy power tools from Walmart. If they had them at other hardware stores I would consider trying them. I hate that this association exists now. Sorry for gripping about this & it has nothing to do with the tool review. Dang Black & Decker why? Don’t answer that I know why. Later TIA

  2. I believe Bostich shares same parent company as Black & Decker, Mac Tools, Porter Cable, Proto, Stanley, and Dewalt. To me the Bostich drill looks similar to the porter cable??? Maybe Battery compatibility? I’m sure all these companies have some manufacture similarities. I saw the Bostich hand tools, sockets and box wrenches, and they look to be rebadged dewalt???? Probably find them to be similar to some Mac Tool line…

  3. Eric–Sorry about your demotion; I’m sure it wasn’t deserved. Not to jump on Bostitch, but I think Juan is right about the quality of tools, electronics, clothing, etc., sold at stores like Walmart, Target and Kohls. The items carry the brand name, but the build quality and specs are below what comes with the item sold through regular retail outlets. That said, they are a better alternative to what Harbor Freight offers, just not as feature-packed as DeWalt, Milwaukee and the others.

    To answer your question, “Where are they going with this?”, it seems they are making a foray into the poor man’s Macy’s (Walmart). Bostitch is supporting a limited tool offering to see where this might go, and could expand the line later if it catches on. If it doesn’t, they don’t have a lot of time, money and technical development wrapped up in it. Anyway, that’s my guess.

  4. I like the idea of these budget tools. Don’t understand why they need 3 budget pro/diy brands pc, stanley and now bostitch powertools. But I like that they offer the option. Not everyone can afford top brands but many still want a better performing product than skill and B&D, not knocking those brands either as they perform well in their category.

    I think its a good move by walmart, I would have loved tools like these when I moved into my first place.

  5. I don’t agree with 3 different levels of quality/price. It’s like Coke Cola putting their product in 5 different packages. Overall, it makes a lot of money for the company, but too many choices for the consumer. The whole concept of different size packaging and different quality levels is marketing 101. In the long run, the consumer ends up paying over and over.


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