Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table RA1171 Review

I can't say I am an expert with Router Tables because this is my first router table I have owned.  Before I bought this table, I had a set up for my table saw.  I built a wood insert that would fit my table saw so where the table expanded, I had a wood insert and the router would mount below.  I figured it was time to upgrade so I went with the Bosch for a couple different reasons.  First, I only had two options because I needed it that day for a small job.  It was between this and a Skil that was sitting right next to the Bosch.  While the Bosch was more expensive, it just seemed to be of better quality and I know Bosch makes quality stuff.  So I felt comfortable buying this table.

Out of the box, I did have to set up everything.  While not impossible, it was time consuming and took about 15 or 20 minutes.  Not a huge deal, but one thing to note.  I am not sure how heavy the box is, but it was heavy and thought this might be a pain to move around.  Once the table was set up, it was easy to move around and I didn't have to struggle.  While the table is meant to be mounted, mine is not because I move it around a lot.  So while it is easy to move around, it is still heavy enough to use and not have to worry about the table moving when you are using it.  I would still recommend using clamps or some way to mount the table when using.   Not sure if I messed something up, but when I was done, I did have extra screws and other stuff left over.

The unit comes with everything you need to get started creating quality work right out of the box, well not the router.  There are three mounting plate insert rings, two feather boards, one clear guard, start pin and guard and a couple of fence shims.  As I was reading through the directions, I noticed you can use about 15 different routers with this table.  Of course my Porter Cable model wasn't listed, so at first I was a little disappointed.  In the end, I tried to attach my router and it did line up so I could mount my router to the table.  Don't listen to me, I would still only use the approved routers with this table.

amazon  Bosch RA1171 Cabinet Style Router Table


While there is a dust collector on the back, I didn't use mine.  It's set up, I just don't have it connected to a dust collection system.  After using the table for some time, I really like this table.  It is quality and does exactly what I want it to do.  Setting up and moving the feather boards is very easy.  The large storage compartment is nice and has more than enough room for your router and other items below.  Also when I have to access the router below to adjust height, my hands aren't cramped.  I can easily access the router and make adjustments.  One cool feature is the switch on the front.  Inside the router table you can plug in your router and dust collection system, so when you flip the switch on the table, it turns on the router and dust collection system.

Again I am not a know it all with router tables, well pretty much anything, but I do love this table.  After the set up, this table is easy to use and of great quality.  The fence and table top have a great alignment, but have heard some people complain that the plastic on the side sticks up higher making it hard to use.  Mine is perfect and doesn't stick up.






  1. Great Writeup Eric, I think my next tool will be a router and table, I really like this one and the price isnt to bad either…

  2. I was just about to buy this router table a while ago but my router was not listed as fitting also. That’s good to hear it fit yours. When I have money again I will look at this.

  3. I was just about to buy this router table a while ago but my router was not listed as fitting also. That’s good to hear it fit yours. When I have money again I will look at this one.

  4. Dan and/or Eric, would you guys consider the idea of having people that comment that sound like they know a thing or two about tools be tool testers for you guys, you could send them a tool or tool kit that seems more geared towards them and they could do a personal review with you on a tools in action video or they could send a video review to you if they didnt want to or have the time to travel to illinois to give a review, i think that would be really cool and help people get multiple opinions and get an idea of how it will hold up to heavy use over about a 1 month period, by the way, i would be a willing volunteer if you guys like this idea.

    • Hi Brody, Great ideas we actually tried that for a a little while. One guy took of with the tools and was never heard from again. There is too much that can go wrong. We are thinking about adding and area where you can add your own reviews though.

  5. Nice review from an “everyman’s” perspective. It’s not a perfect router table but, as you point out, it suits your needs. One thing I would add if I bought this table is to put a rubber ring at the back where the power cord passes through. This would protect the cord from vibration and abrasion on the sharp edges of the MDF. You can buy them (a large grommet like those used on a car’s firewall); alternatively, you could make one from rubber fuel line or a piece of garden hose split lengthwise and trimmed to fit the cutout.

  6. Not too surprised to hear you like this router table. I have heard lots of good things about it…. And pending you don”t have space for a traditional router table or just want the portability, this is your guy.

  7. g’day guys, looks like a great little set up just have to wait till it gets to Australia because it would be great to have in my workshop

  8. hi dan would my idea about tool testers work if they signed a contract or paid for the tool first and if they followed through with it then tools and action could pay for it

  9. I had a 10% coupon code to knock $7 off the price and picked it up locally.
    I originally bought the HD Husky one, but returned it because I didn’t like the plate system.

  10. My complaint is that the fence doesn’t go back anywhere near far enough. I am going to route some t-tracks into the far sides and that will allow me to take the fence further back. My sh**** ryobi goes back 4” while this one will barely make 3” with the fence upgrade. That being said the fence is very nice and the diameter of the hole allows for raised panel bits.


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