Bonus Day – Tools in Action 6 7 Days of Christmas


Today’s Giveaway Announcement

For today’s giveaway, one lucky winner will win an Ego Snow Blower.  We have had a couple of snowfalls here in the Chicago area and let me be the first to tell you, this is the best battery operated snow blower we have tested.  The first snowfall was wet and the Ego rocked.  The second snow falls was about a foot and the Ego jammed.  Even at the end of the driveway where the plows pile up snow, the Ego didn’t have any issues.  If you are the guy who is on ethe fence about a battery powered snow blower, check out the Ego in Antartica.

So How Do you Enter To Win?

Entering to win is very easy.  All you have to do is let your voice be heard and follow us.  Tools in Action is about the community and people sharing their knowledge and opinions in the tools world. This is our way to reward you and thank you during the Holiday season. You only have to do one of the following four things.

Can it be any easier?  I think not.

When will Winners be Announced?

Winners will be announced on January 13, 2017.  We will announce them on a video which will be published on our YouTube channel.  If you would rather scroll down a list to see if you won, we will also have all the names listed in a post on Tools in Action on the same day.


We don’t have many rules for our giveaways, but one rule we have is you must have a USA shipping address.  Items will only be shipped to USA addresses only.  If you live in another country, there are businesses who will allow you to receive a package in the states and they will ship it to you.  Winners must be over 18 years of age and younger than 223 years old.