One of my favorite things about spring is getting out the pressure washers.  We have seen all kinds both gas and electric.  Never have we seen a 40V cordless one.  I was a bit apprehensive when Yard Force sent us the YF4050PB Cordless Pressure Washer.  I had my doubts and thought it was a glorified garden hose.  After using it, I am sold.  We have done Yard Force products before like their YF2200BL Brushless Pressure Washer and their YF8000 leaf Shredder, they have turned out to be great items.

40V pressure Washer

The unit puts out 500 PSI at just under a gallon per minute which surprisingly is enough to do most cleaning tasks. The unit comes with a 19′ hose which is plenty for most situations and 3 nozzles: 0, 15 and 40 degrees.  It also has a separate chemical dispenser and nozzle. The 40V battery is enclosed in a waterproof enclose so you do not need to worry about it getting wet.  When you first get the unit you need to connect it to a garden hose to prime it.  After that you are good to go either with a garden hose or fill the included 7 gallon tank.  The tank is removable via 2 clips so you can take it to the water source and fill it without dragging the entire unit with you.

YF4050PB 500 psi

A full 7 gallon bucket full of water will last about 10 minutes before you need refill it if used continuously.  Total continuous battery run time is about 20 minutes. For easy storage the unit can be stored in the bucket to keep down on space.  Overall I really like this unit, it is a very convenient pressure washer.  Even in the winter if I need to wash something really quick I can just fill it with warm water and go.  It is perfect for RV owners, boaters, campers or just anyone who needs to clean out in the field.  The only thing I would like to have seen was cover for the bucket.  That way if you do not have water source you can take water with you.  The YF4050PB Cordless 40V pressure washer is available via Amazon and has a 2 year warranty.

YF4050PB power washer

YF4050PB 40v cordless pressure washer