There’s the Hawg, then there’s the Milwaukee Super Hawg.  You want power and performance, the Super Hawg is your tool.  Ask anyone what right angle drill they use for driving, cutting and dicing up wood and they will tell you the Milwaukee Hole Hawg.  That’s because it’s been around forever, it performs, it’s strong, it delivers results and let’s face it, it just jams through anything.  Year after year we hear companies tell us how they want to cut the cord and let battery technology take over.  Let me tell you that this new Super Hawg has accomplished that goal.  While the original hole Hawg is great, it sometimes lacked the power for certain applications.  This new Hawg certainly hasn’t lost any power or performance, this thing just drills and drills.  The only thing this tool lost, was the cord.

Now for you plumbers, HVAC or other guys doing daily drilling in tight spots, let your ears perk up as I tell you about this Hawg.  Yes, it’s battery, but it’s a brushless battery that uses Milwaukee’s Powerstate motor.  You can drill over 75, 2-9/16” holes per charge in 2x dimensional lumber with a self-feed bit.  As you can see by the picture, this has a quick change bit system that is compatible with 7/16″ hex shank or 3 flat shank bits.  A mechanical clutch in low speed protects the tool from damage in the case that a bit binds up and the tool stalls.

While the tool does have some weight to it, it’s much lighter than some of the corded models.  This weighs in at 13.5 lbs with a length of 22″.  The motor puts out speeds of 0-350 and 0-950 rpm’s with a capacity of 6″ holes into wood.  As with other Milwaukee tools, this comes with a 5 year warranty on the tool and 3 year warranty on the batteries.