A long, long time ago we took a look at the Paslode CF325.  Today we are going to show you the next generation, the Paslode CF325XP.

For me and others, Paslode has always been a top brand for nailers.  Their roofing, framing, finish and other nailers are one of the best nailers around.  The reason they got this image is because they have always made very dependable and quality nailers.  Now they just released their next generation nailer, the CF325XP.  As you can guess by the model number being pretty close to the same, the tool is pretty much the same with a couple of differences.

The new nailer produces 15% more power, which means more work and less hassle when nailing into harder wood.  One of the main complaints with their older model was the weather.  When temps got down low, you would have to warm up the tool or it wouldn’t work.  With the new model this will even work down to temperatures of 14F.  With the new nailer they say you get 9,000 shots per battery charge.  While we haven’t tried this, we will take them for their word.

When combining this tool with their new framing nails and fuel packs, you can have a pretty nice system that will allow you to get a whole bunch of work done. I know some people don’t like a fuel system, but that is something you will have to decide for yourself.