Who doesn’t like flashlights?  To me it’s amazing how many flashlights are on the market today.  You can buy anything from a $2 junk light all the way up to premium expensive flashlights.  Today I am going to introduce you to a flashlight I had never heard about until Dan told me about them.  This is the Zero Trace LED flashlight that has a design inspired by a Navy Seal.  I have to say it’s a unique flashlight.

When you first look at the light, you will notice that the handle is rather narrow, which at first, I thought I wouldn’t like.  However after handling this light, I now tend to like the smaller handle.  The light is an aluminum waterproof IPX8 housing with a waterproof depth up to 6′.  On the bottom of the handle is where you can turn on the 1014 lumens Cree LED light.  The light has three different settings, high, low and SOS.

Here is the cool thing about the light, well a couple of things.  First, the light uses a rechargeable battery, so no more spending a boat load of money on batteries.  You can just plug the battery in the provided home or car charger and let the light charge.  The battery should hold a charge for up to 12 months.  The USB plug hides away when not in use.  Speaking of a USB plug, it does more than just the option of charging the battery.  The USB port is a two way port which means you can also charge your cell phone or tablet, so you have portable power.  Now we didn’t test this, but according to Zero Trace you can charge your phone two times or your tablet one time when the flashlight battery is fully charged.

The light has a 1 year warranty and also comes with a home and car charger.  The light sells for about $78 on Amazon.  It’s a hefty price for a light, but I do have to say this is a high quality light and worth the money if you need a durable, dependable and bright light.

buyamazon1Zero Trace TL1KPZ Grey/Red Li-ION Rechargeable LED Flashlight