Another new item from Milwaukee, a M18 Jobsite fan, how cool.  I don’t really know how to write up this fan without sounding like a brand whore.  All I can say is I love this fan, but I don’t love this fan.  Not only does the fan seem like a high quality fan, but also powerful and durable.  I love how it has 3 different fan settings and the large knob on the front is easy to grab.  Even the battery is in an ideal place and easy to check the battery level.  The adjustable housing is nice because you can pretty much aim this fan in any direction.

We both did agree on one item and that is the idea of using the fan in ac mode, plugging it into the wall.  The great thing about this fan is even if you’re not a Milwaukee fan and don’t own any batteries, you can still use this fan.  Milwaukee included a power adapter you can plug into the wall.  While this is great, it also means you have to carry around and keep track of one more item.  We both think it would have been much better to have a plug that an extension cord would attach to.  Every jobsite has extension cords and how nice would it be to just plug the cord into the fan.

Now while I love the design and quality of the fan, it seems a little under powered compared to other brands.  There are three main fans on the market, Milwaukee, Ryobi, Ridgid.  Out of the three fans, Milwaukee is the most expensive coming in at $80, while Ridgid is $60 and the Ryobi is $40.  With that said according to Home Depots website, the Milwaukee has less CFM and a shorter run time compared to the Ridgid plus the other two fans will work off extension cords.  The other two fans also have more options if you want to hang it up.  While I really want to love this fan because the outside design is awesome, I think they missed the mark with having a higher price, lower CFM, shorter run times and less hanging options.  However I have to say this is my most used fan and still love it.