You guys have been asking us for a long time to try out clothes from the Duluth trading company.  Today is your lucky day because we did that, well kind of.  Duluth has been around for a long time which says a lot just in itself.  However it’s clothing and sometimes you can overpay because of a name.  So before we got these clothes, we were really interested to see if the clothes were worth the money. We had a chance to try out a shirt, boots, and two pairs of shorts, along with a pair of cargo pants.  While the fire hose shorts, the shirt and boxers are awesome, we fell in love with the Dry on the Fly shorts and Cargo pants.

Here is the deal.  Not only are these shorts and pants comfortable and quick drying, but the best thing is how well the designer laid them out.  Who ever designed these pants for Duluth obviously has some working knowledge of being out in the field.  First, they are designed with an elastic waist band so when you sit down, the waist stretches.  Second, they are designed with a crouch gusset so when you sit or move, you don’t get that compression in your sensitive area.  Yes,  it has sun protection, it’s quick drying and lightweight, but the best part is the pockets.

In the past you have pants with pockets that are easy to access while standing up ,but never sitting down.  Well that has changed.  On the side pockets, you can just drop in your phone with the drop in pocket, love these.  Better yet, when you’re in the truck sitting down, no longer do you have to stretch your leg in order to get to your pocket.  These pants are designed with a side zipper to access the cargo area of your pants.  The front pockets are deep and even have an extra zipper pocket.  I could talk about these shorts and pants all day long, but you really have to try them to see why I am so excited.  Who ever designed these pants needs a raise.