A couple of weeks ago we did the WORX WG771 56V MaxLithium Cordless 19″ Lawn Mower.  Today we are doing the WORX 56V MaxLithium Cordless String Trimmer & Wheeled Edger.  Both of these tools work off the same battery platform, the 56V Worx.  While I like the fact this trimmer has an edger, I was a little skeptical.  I have never owned a battery powered edger, I have always done my yard by hand, so this was the first thing I tried.  As you can see by the video below, it does a great job.  I like how easy this tool converter from edger to trimmer.  I also have to say this does a great job as a string trimmer.  For me a big factor in a trimmer is the balance, weight and length.  I have used trimmer over the years that ends up killing my back by the time I am done with the job.  As for this trimmer, the balance, weight and length are all great.  When I was done with the job, my back wasn’t in pain.

Another note about this trimmer, there is a small button on the side called the Command Feed line.  With a touch of the button, you can let out more string.  This is a nice feature, but I am so use to a bump on the ground allowing me to get more string, so I found myself not really using this button.  Still for most people, this button is going to be a great feature.  The trimmer includes a 3 Year Warranty & 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

You can buy this on Amazon, but as of today Worx website is cheaper.  (Not sure about once you factor in shipping)

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