I first found out about Keter when I was at Costco and saw the work bench.  I thought it was cool, but seriously, it was plastic.  How well could it be built?  Turns out it was 10 times better than I ever thought.  Then I saw they had Deck Boxes.  I have heard most deck boxes are junk and fall apart.  However I thought I would give that a shot.  Again, this thing surprised me and was 10 times better than I thought.  So now we tried the Tool Chest.  I have to say I really didn’t expect much from the tool chest, but again this thing was 10 times better than I thought.  When will I learn that Keter just kicks A**?  They make quality stuff that exceeds expectations and just works the way it should, well better than it should.

If you want a portable tool chest that is awesome, you have to check these out.  The plastic is thick and tough.  The drawers have very nice ball bearing sliders to make them easy to open and close.  Plus you can stack these in any configuration.  Not only that, you can attach very nice casters that come with the unit and make it a mobile station.  Now you know I love T-staks, but I can honesty say these blow T-Staks away.  The plastic is much thicker, the design is much better and they are great storage boxes for anyone.  You don’t have to be in the trades or looking for storage for tools.  You can use this for crafts, for kids toys and just about anything you want.  These things are incredible and I just can’t say anything more without sounding like a salesman, so I am stopping here.