Greenworks has made a pretty good name for itself in the US market. There are many advantages to a cordless electric snow blower.  Emissions, sound and ease of use to name a few. For our tests we went through about 8 inches of wet melting packed snow.  8 inches is the recommended maximum for this unit. To our surprise the unit worked its way through to clear a path.  For light snow on most small properties this is a great choice.

The unit will get up to 45 minutes of run-time, in our test we got roughly 30-35 minutes though the deep wet stuff.  The blower is 20″ wide so you can get more done.  The 180 degree manual chute will throw snow up to 20 feet.  For night operation it has 2 LED headlights that do a great job showing the path.

The unit can easily be folded up and transported in a trunk of a vehicle.  Most snow blowers need 2 people to lift.  Not this one, it has a handle so you can easily pick it up.  I actually used it to clean the snow off our PJ trailer. Let us know if you have had any experience with this snow blower.