The more and more I see Ryobi, the more and more I change my mind.  When I use to see Ryobi at Home Depot, I never gave them much thought.  On one job I was on, a guy brought the old Ryobi, blue tools and I started using them.  I have to say i was pretty impressed.  Now that I am seeing the new Ryobi stuff coming out, I really impressed and am loving their live of tools.  Well now they have the 18V Dual power LED work light.  Dual power because it can run of an 18V battery or plug in power which means you can buy this light and still use it, even if you don’t have a Ryobi battery.

Now I am not going to sit here and tell you its the brightest light I have ever seen because it’s not.  The light is a 20 watt LED work light.  However with LED, you don’t get that hot light which is perfect for the tighter spots so your not sweating you you know what off.  Yes the light is 20 watts, but it puts out 1,700 lumens which means this light does really shine and its a nice white light.  The head rotates 360° which means you can light up any area.  The base is not only a base good for flat areas, but you can also hang from a 2×4 or even hang from a nail.  Bottom line if you want a quality LED light that doesn’t break the bank, this Ryobi won’t disappoint you.