Bondic really has only one thing in common with Superglue, “It Fixes Things”.  Think of Bondic as liquid plastic.  You squeeze the pen and out comes a transparent goo.  It has a similar viscosity to that of a thick pancake syrup.  At this stage it can be manipulated anyway you want until you activate the hardener via a UV LED.

Unlike superglue this product cannot do seamless connections.  The Bondic needs to encapsulate the break area to have strength.  The more layers you ad the stronger the reinforcement becomes.  Apart from the that, Bondic has tons of advantages over other products because of the ability be molded into whatever shape you want.  Think of it as a cheap mans 3d Printer, design whatever part you need.  Artists would have a field day with this stuff.

I even saw a survivalist video on YouTube praise Bondic.  I used it to fix a break in my glasses.  The main thing I learned is not to make the layers too thick and that strength is based on layers.  Bottom line for around $20 its not a bad idea to have laying around.  It might pay for itself during your first use.  Check out Bondic via