I was shocked to even see this new product  in the store. I have heard zero information on any website that Ryobi was going to have a cordless snow blower this year. The only reason I noticed it as I was bored out of my mind at customer service to pickup an internet order which happened to be the new Ridgid Professional modular storage boxes. The Ridged boxes seem great already. Back to the snow blower. It’s a single stage unit that uses the Ryobi 40x battery platform. This isn’t a snow blower for 6 to 8 inches of wet and heavy snow, but I think it could do a pretty decent job on 6 inches of powdery snow just from looking at it. I have said a cordless snow blower would be awesome to have. It can be so hard to start a freezing cold engine in the middle of winter, so with this all you need to do is keep the battery and changer inside the house, plug it into the blower, and start cleaning off your driveway. Another cool thing is it has dual headlights on the front so you have light when you use it in the dark. A lot of snow blowers do not have that feature.

The only other company that has a cordless snow blower is Snow Joe. They released theirs last winter and sold out quick. I think this will be a very popular unit this winter, and if you are interested in getting one I wouldn’t wait too long. The only thing I didn’t see was a price on the unit. I hope TIA gets a review unit so we can get some in action shots of the snow blower and a in depth review.

The Ryobi snow blower is already listed on the Home Depot webpage for $399 with two 4.0 ah batteries.

Here are some pictures of the unit I snapped in the store sorry about the quality my I phone 4 doesn’t take the best pictures in low light. IMG_0958 IMG_0963 IMG_0962  IMG_0960 IMG_0959Here are the stock Ryobi photos of the unit from the Home Depot webpage

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