When Bosch first showed us the inductive charging system I have to say I wasn’t blown away.  However the more I thought about it the more It made sense.  This system maximizes tool efficiency.  Whenever a tradesman puts the tool down all he has to do is put it on the charger and it charges.  Think about it, you usually have to slide off the pack and slide it into a charger.  Now you just set the tool down and it charges, ingenious.  I want all my tools to be this way.  Other charging systems seem so obsolete now.

Currently available are 18V 2.0 slim packs that charge in roughly 50 minutes, which is the same as their existing batteries. 4.0 fat packs will be available in the spring of 2015. You cannot use previous batteries with this charging system however the new batteries can be charged via old chargers.  The system is smart, nothing will activate but a wireless Bosch battery pack.  As you can see in the video below the holster is an awesome idea.  Mount it to your work cart or van and whenever you stow the tool it charges.  Bosch really did some research on this subject.  The system works flawless in our tests.  The convenience factor is huge.  For production line work you could probably use the same battery all day. When you rest the tool just put it on the inductive charger and it is getting juice.  Check out more about the new wireless charging from Bosch.


Bosch Wireless




  • WCBAT612 – 2.0 Slim Pack
  • WC18C – Wireless Charger
  • WC18F – Frame for charger
  • WC18H – Mobile Holster