Ingersoll Rand has been the staple of automotive impacts for years.  The W7250 is basically the same as the W7150 20v impact we tested except for the addition of  2″ extended anvil to get into longer situations.  The 6.8 lb tool has an industry leading 780 ft lbs of torque.  The mechanics that we let use this tool loved it.

The charger has USB charging port on it and is audible to let you know when the charge is complete.  It also has LED status lights to gauge the remaining charge time.

The mechanic at the local marina we work with is sold on the IR IQ line of tools, they are tough and get the job done.  In my opinion the IR is the best cordless impact on the market so far.  Although it doesn’t have the features like the Milwaukee Impact that we tested here.  It lacks features like an LED light and to date does not have 4.0 batteries.  That being said, the W7250 is still a great workhouse impact.  A 3 year warranty covers this product.  Check it out Via Amazon