Sometimes you need a small tool to get into delicate intricate situations.  Dremel has released the 8050 Micro, a lithium ion powered 8V max tool.  It doesn’t have the power of its cordless counterparts, but it has great run time and fits in your hand like a pen.  The ergonomics are great, I found it easy to control especially while engraving.  It can cut, buff, drill, engrave,grind, sand etc..  It is pretty much limitless as to what you can do with this tool and Dremel accessories.  It even comes with a small assortment of accessories like cut off wheels, sanding wheels, engravers etc.

The 4 LED light ring on the front of the tool does a great job of lighting up the work area.  The charger base can charge the batteries on roughly 3 hours and 45 minutes.  It has a plus and minus button to adjust the preset speeds.  The tool cuts out when too much pressure is applied and you need to hit the on button to start it back up.  Make no mistake this tool will not replace your bigger Dremel tools but it excels at small tasks.  For the DIY type and hobbyist the tool is a no brainer.  Best of all it’s under $90.  Check out the Dremel 8050 via Amazon.