A vise is a great tool.  It can be used for clamping your work and even for shaping/bending material.  The only thing that sucks about a vice is that it is usually stationary.  Well now Wilton has the ATV vice.  It basically fits in any 2″ receiver hitch, it even comes with a 2″ sleeve that you can mount to a trailer or your workbench.  It is held in place by a single hitch pin, that means it takes seconds to move it from place to another.

When in the hitch of your truck it has set screws so you can tighten up the fit.  This removes any play or vibrations that happen while you drive.  It has a handle on the back for easy carrying and the flat head striking anvil.  It really is the ATV of vise’s.  It is water resistant so you can drive with it everywhere.  Check your state laws though, in Illinois it has to be painted red otherwise you get a fine.  Also if you do decide to keep it in, I would suggest a a locking hitch pin like the Bolt that we reviewed here.  The jaws allow to hold a pipe vertical and are replaceable.

Check out the Wilton 1001 Vise on Amazon