For those of you that crimp a lot for connections, a savior tool has arrived.  The Greenlee EK50ML micro crimping tool.  It is a small battery powered crimper tool.  At first I was like why is this needed.  But like I said for the person that crimps hundred of connections this will really save your hand. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is real and can happen on the job.  This tool reduces the forces you need to exert by 90% thus saving you from hand fatigue.

Greenlee EK50ML120

The 2.2 lb tool can do 250 crimps per charge from its 10.8V (12V MAX) Lithium Ion battery.  The tool has a LED light on the front to illuminate dark work areas.  The tool looks compact enough to fit in most areas where you can fit a handheld tool.  Powersense technology allows you to slightly depress the handle to clamp the connector then crimp it once you completely depress the trigger.  The tool looks good on paper, we will see if we can get one to show you on our YouTube channel.  This tool is basically rebranded Klauke Micro.  You can find more info on this PDF.

Electric crimperI can’t find any in actions of this tool so you will just have to settle for this cheesy sales video.  Thanks to the TIA crew for finding this.