lowes metabo This is a win win for both companies Lowes gains a pro grade tool brand and Metabo gets better distribution access in America. If you have seen the reviews Dan and Eric shot of Metabo tools they have amazing performance, but the lack of easy access of buying the tools was a big limitation that prevented people from buying Metabo tools. Now with this arrangement, buying tools from Metabo will be a much easier process. I wonder if we could possibly see Metabo tools on Lowes store shelves in the future. Lowes is a bit handicapped when it comes to Power brands now that Home Depot carries Makita, Milwaukee, and Ridgid exclusively. Lowes does not have the same depth of choices like Home Depot currently has.  This would be a great step forward to balance things out for the consumer. Click here to go to Lowes.com and Check out the Metabo selection