Milwaukee locking Pliers 3 Milwaukee locking Pliers 4 Milwaukee locking PliersEvery-time you go to Costco they have some sort of new take on the standard locking pliers.  They never seem to work right and always end up being returned.  Sometimes the simple original design is the best.  Take these new pliers from Milwaukee, they have the standard proven locking pliers design.  But they also have a feature on the adjuster that allows you to use a screwdriver to tighten or loosen the jaws.  The leverage that a screwdriver can give you beats any thumb screw..  Just enough innovation to make it better than most other locking pliers , but keeping it on the simple proven mechanical design.

Milwaukee locking Pliers 2The Torque Lock is pretty much the only visual feature you will see on the pliers.   A few people have asked if it is made of plastic, no it is not.   On the package some of the features are, forged strength, machine precision and rust protection.  The pliers have a Lifetime Warranty and are made in Taiwan.  If you are in the market for a new set of locking pliers take a look at the new ones from Milwaukee.  They are available currently Available at Home Depot.

Milwaukee Locking Pliers

  • 10? Curved Jaw, 48-22-3420 – $12.97
  • 10? Straight Jaw, 48-22-3510 – $12.97
  • 7? Straight Jaw, 48-22-3507 – $11.49

Milwaukee Locking C-Clamps

  • 11? Swivel Jaws, 48-22-3521 – $22.97
  • 6? Swivel Jaws, 48-22-3522 – $14.97
  • 11? Regular Jaws, 48-22-3531 – $22.49
  • 6? Regular Jaws, 48-22-3532 – $13.97