I am not sure what is happening by you, but mother nature keeps fooling us.  In Chicago we experienced the third highest snow fall and a record number of days below zero.  Last week it looked like it was all turning around went temps got into the 50’s.  Only the next day it dropped to 20 degrees and snowed about 2″.  Yes my whining little intro does have a point.  My point is check out the Dewalt DX125FAV propane heater.  Perfect for a shop or work areas.  I have to say this unit blows, heat that is.  I would go a little more into this heater, but it’s time to have my donuts and cup of coffee next to this jamming heater.


What We Like

  • Runs like a Champ
  • Produces a nice heat
  • Blows heat around the shop very nice.

What We Don’t Like

  • A 20lb tank would be nice, but you won’t get the run time or heat.

Specifications of the Dewalt DXH125FAV

Output (BTU/HR)75,000-125,000B
Output (CFM)350CFM
Heating Area3000sq. ft.
Fuel TypeLiquid Propane
Minimum Tank Size40 lbs
LP Consumption Rate4.6 – 6.9lb/hr
Regulator Settings20PSI
Ignition TypeContinuous Spark
Power Requirements110v
Hose Length20ft
Net Weight25lbs