Is it just me or do you find yourself having to transfer fluids frequently?  Pouring gas is usually a one way thing.  What if you need to recover that gas or put it back in the can? I have tried hand pumps with no luck.  Recently I set out on a search determined to find the best electric transfer pump I could find.  The results were very surprising.  A lot of research lead me to the Sierra Tools battery operated liquid transfer pump on Amazon.

It is powered by 2 D batteries and claims to move 5 to 6 quarts per minute.  It is roughly $12.55 at the time of this writing.  After receiving the pump I have to say it has really impressed me and save me a lot of headache especially when I transferred 10 gallons of kerosene to a heater.  I was amazed at the speed it transferred the fluid.  I didn’t time it but it was easily under 5 minutes.  Today’s gas cans are a pain to use and this pump is perfect for transferring fuel from the can.  The 2 foot shaft allows you to get to the bottom of a 5 gallon can with ease.  At the bottom of the shaft is the impeller which is protected by 3 small risers which keep the off the bottom.  This leaves a bit of liquid left in the tank.

A switch on the top operates the unit.  I would love to see someone like Milwaukee make a 12 or 18v version of this tool.   There is a big demand for a quality compact fluid transfer pump.  Plumbers and mechanics would save a lot of time and money.  Am I saying that this tool is not quality?  No, but for $12.55 and using it to transfer kerosene I don’t expect it to last more than a season or 2.  To me it is still a good value.  Take a gander buy one from Amazon and let us know what you think.