For you and me a level is a level.  As long as it works, it’s strong and accurate, that’s what I care about.  However for Empire, it’s a little different.  A level is not a level, the level is their life.  So when they design a level, they don’t just grab vials, a beam and slap their name on it.  They design something that meets our needs of being tough and being reliable.  So let me introduce you to the Empire e70 series.

So what goes into these levels to make these durable?  First, this series is made from a heavy 6061 aircraft aluminum.  Second, the ends are protected with a dual molded rubber end cap to help absorb shock.  So when Empire designed these levels, they made them for the job site and made them durable and tough.

Emprie Level 4Okay, what about working with them?  First, these levels have a milled edge which helps provide accuracy.  In fact this level is accurate to within .0005″ per inch in all 10 working positions.  The vials are blue for easy reading, but that is up to you.  Some prefer green and others prefer blue.  For me, it really doesn’t matter.  Both colors are easy to read.  Another advantage to these levels, they use a solid block acrylic which is resistant to breaking, leaking and fogging.  While the vials are not replaceable, Empire does include a tag number with each level, so you won’t have a problem getting your level fixed.

One cool feature to this level is a user can remove the end caps for a true straight line which is perfect for the corner runs.   This way a user can extend a true straight line from one wall to another.

buyamazon1Empire e70.24 24-Inch Professional Aluminum Box Level

Overall this is a great level and probably one of my favorite levels.  Viewing the vials is easy.  The top level is great to view in any angle and is not obstructed by anything.  I love the fact you can remove the end caps when not needed.  Bottom line this is a solid, accurate and well built level.