Another heated jacket?  Why, yes it is.  We did the Bosch and the Milwaukee so we thought why not try out the Dewalt Jacket?  One thing I can say is we did time this one right.  Usually we do our winter things in summer and our summer things in winter.  So you have to give us some credit for finally figuring out what month it is.  We got free shipping from on our jackets from Power Tool Super Center which is part of Tool Nut.

Dewalt is the late comer to the heated jacket game, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Currently Dewalt offers a couple different versions of the heated jacket.  For us we tried out both camo jackets.  The first thing I can say is Dewalt probably has the more accurate fit of all the jackets.  While the others are still good, I feel like my XL jacket fits more comfortable and runs closer to a true XL.  When I compare all three jackets styles, I have to say the Dewalt resembles more of a workers jacket.  The Bosch is my favorite, but seems more stylish and something I don’t want to get dirty.  All three jackets require you to wash by hands which is a huge downside to these types of jackets.


One great thing about this jacket is it will run off either the 20V or 18V battery, so you can get a long run time with this jacket.   They use 4 core heating zones which is located upper left and right chest, mid-back, and collar.  As with the other jackets, turning the jacket on and off is the same.  There is a button on the top left chest that will control on/off and the different temps.

Out of all three jackets, Dewalt has the best adapter.  Milwaukee and Bosch offer one USB, while Dewalt has two.  Not that I really need two, but it’s nice to have.  One thing to note is Dan was having problems with his power cord staying attached to his battery pack. For some reason it would always disconnect.  With mine I haven’t experienced this problem, so not sure what happened with his.  The one downside is their battery is located in the same spot as Milwaukee, on the outside side, towards the back.  So it can get in the way and be a pain to change the battery without taking the jacket off.  The best position is the Bosch which is located in the front, on the inside of the jacket.  While Milwaukee uses Realtree, Dewalt uses True Timber for their camo design.  The jacket has a soft noise limiting and water/wind resistant outer shell.  One item I like about the Dewalt is the ability to remove the hood.  I tend to only use my hood a couple times a year, the rest of the time they seem to get in the way.

Is this the best jacket on the market?  Well it comes down to preference.  Personally, I like the Bosch the best.  However I am not going to do any really work in the Bosch as it just seems too nice.  If you own Dewalt batteries this is a great addition and you can’t go wrong. The fit is great and the four zones really warms you up.  With the ability to change the settings, it’s hard not to find the perfect temperature with this jacket.